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Follow up Protocol



  • @dorisirene
      I understand those feelings and reasoning.  Why not ask if every 6 months will work and it will give you something tangible and is reasonable as far as medicine is concerned.  That is unless thing change like symptoms etc that would necessitate one sooner.  Discuss it with your Oncologist and see what they say.
  • My care team is at the Tom Baker Centre in Alberta. I too was shocked to find out that my only monitoring is physical exams and symptoms. I was declared NED in January 2021. At my second follow up appointment in August 2021 my physical exam found nothing but I was having twinges in my lower left abdomen and rectum. CT scan showed no sign of disease. I then had an MRI which found me in a recurrence. Luckily, I was just declared NED again yesterday. I am now searching for a private company that I can pay to have my CA125 monitored but haven’t found a place in Alberta. 
  • I am happy to report that my Oncologist had no problems with ordering a CT scan when I requested one at my most recent appointment. 
  • @dorisirene
      That is good news that you are happy with your most recent visit and its outcome.
    I think, there is no harm in asking, the worst they can say is no. From there if they say no, ask them to explain why not.