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Chemo Weight Gain

Has anyone struggled with weight loss after finishing treatment? I gained a considerable amount of weight during treatment, which I think was a result of the steroid drugs given before and during chemo, plus the changes in appetite and emotional eating tendencies. Before treatment, I found that weight loss wasn't a struggle, but now that I'm in surgical seems like nothing is working. Now that I'm in remission and things are looking promising - I'm trying as hard as I can to return to my "normal" life prior to diagnosis - including my weight. I find it really affects my self-esteem. Anyone have any tips to share or find they are in a similar situation?


  • I gained a lot of weight too.  I had no interest in exercise and yes, a little stress eating had a part in the weight gain too.  I'm finally taking control of the situation - getting back to serious walking, yoga and cutting out sweets - except the occasional ice cream at the cottage.. I was told I would gain, but didn't think it would be this much!  LOL
  • @jiselle16 I also am struggling with weight gain. It is crazy. I know chemo gets rid of the cancer but with it comes weight gain, loss of hair and menopause. It is a lot to take in the self esteem department all at once. I hope to exercise more as the fatigue wears off and hope that helps. But know that you aren't alone.
  • meganG
    I too gained alot of wt with my first chemo probably 20 lbs.Unfortunately I have been sick with this round(not something you want to hear!) And have lost some of that wt.But I look at it this way now I am wearing clothes I had put aside last year!!But otherwise I was having a hard time getting that initial wt off.
  • I'm still struggling with the weight gain and need to find a better exercise program to work on it. 
  • I didn't fight the weight gain, or worry about it for a long time. I lost 25 lbs before my surgery and by the time chemo was done I had gained it all back and a few (quite a few!) extra. Now that I'm feeling stronger and beginning to get more exercise, I'm gaining control and starting to lose the weight.
  • I also gained weight with the second go around.  My appetite was much greater and add in some stress I gained 15 lbs.  Now trying to lose some of it again. 
  • I find aquafit helps me build my muscles KarenL.
  • I too have put on weight which I am now struggling to lose. You are not alone. I am trying to be more active but so far it has not helped me lose the weight.
  • @CurlyHair, thanks I'm going to look into some classes.
  • Nanakaw
    I gained weight after both rounds of chemo. The first time I went on the Low GI diet which really works but you have to stick to it.  Food is good on it and very healthy. I've just finished my second line of chemo and have gained weight again but my doc says having extra weight on is better for survival. My clothes are tight and I feel bulky again so maybe it's time to go shopping instead of dieting. 
  • Hello Jan I am actually using Weight Watchers because I cannot do it myself.  It suits me because I have a bit of a regimented mind.  I use a food scale to weight the food and counts points.  It has helped me in the past years ago and I am doing it again.  I have already lost 6 pounds of the 15 I gained this time with the chemo.  There are also calorie counters on the internet that you can use to track for free if you like that.  The WW is about $22 per month.