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  • That is too bad tinazzie.  My last few chemos Were delayed too But it all worked out. Keep up the faith 
  • That’d be nice! I think I am my GP’s problem now. I recall my onc said it is assumed blood counts rebound after 4 weeks. 
  • @BeamBlossom @Tinazzie so sorry you're both suffering similar challenges.  Just don't let it get you down (easy to say, I know). It is fixable.  Hey @angel27....lobster in the chowder...ooooo, I am so jealous.
  • @BeamBlossom - this will be my 6th round of chemo.  First treatment after my hysterectomy in March.
  • @Tinazzie.... that’s a lot, you had 5 chemos prior to surgery? 
  • I made seafood lasagna on weekend with lobster and scallops I froze and shrimp. Yummy. Very rich 
  • It’s all so different. I didn’t have any chemo til after my surgery 
  • So @Tinazzie I take it you're at the end with this 6th coming up?  I feel for you for sure.  I expect everyone else on here remembers how exhausted and drained they were by the end of their chemo.  For me, I could barely sit myself down for that last one I was so fed up with it all.  But, you do begin to recover...some fast, some at slower pace.  And the blood issues are not at all uncommon.  
  • I remember having to lie down and rest after taking a shower lol
  • @angel27 did you have a lower stage cancer at dx? I’ve seen chemo follow surgery for some of the stage 1 or 2 gals. I’m stage 3.
  • no I was stage 3  Cancer was not confirmed til surgery  
  • Ah, well look at that we are all stage 3 on the call today. 
  • Hi everyone! Sorry to hear from some of you that you have had delays in your treatment. I can definitely relate. My 3rd and 4th treatments have been each delayed a week due to low neutrophils. I'm now doing Grastofil injections.
  • @BeamBlossom I'm stage 3C but no chemo pre surgery for me either.  My surgeon had plan A and B. A was to go in, see what was there and if all could be removed then proceed that way with 6 cycles of chemo to address anything that might not have been visible.  Plan B was to see what was there and if far too much to get at, then close me up, run me through a few cycles of chemo to shrink or get rid of some of it, then surgery and then another set of chemo cycles to follow. Fortunately I had far less than they expected so Plan A worked for me.  But lots of my friends went through the process similar to yours and Tinazzie.
  • I found my last 2 chemo treatments were the worst, when I look back, I had much more energy in the first 2 months of treatment than I do today. 
  • I agree @BeamBlossom. I have been much more fatigued since my 4th treatment on Aug. 13.....
  • Yes definitely the effects were cumulative  but you will get past that tho it’s hard to believe that now 
  • Hi @cbot.  Glad to have you join. How is the Gastrofil?  Any side it working?
  • Has anyone had intra peritoneal chemo? I did 
  • Is Gastrofil to improve WBCs?
  • Hi @Fearless. The Grastofil self-injections are going ok. I felt kind of flu like for the first 2 or 3 days. A bit better now.
  • @angel27 I tried to get HIPEC but it was derailed by COVID. 
  • So I had a pre-chemo appointment with the oncologist before Tuesday's session got cancelled.  I know follow up care in most places is different, but I was a bit surprised when I asked what the follow up care would be after my last chemo round, to be told that they typically do not do any scans or blood work - just follow up appointments with gyne oncology every quarter.  They indicated that they depend on the patient's symptoms and then a CA125 test if needed.  I was quite taken aback and told them that my condition before surgery was serious because I had no symptoms until the cancer had already advanced.  The oncologist said that there is usually always something in the scans - not always related to the cancer - and how would I cope with that pressure?  

     Any thoughts or feedback?  
  • Hi @BeamBlossom. Yes the Grastofil is for white cells, specifically neutrophils. they were low for treatments 3 and 4. Treatment 5 is scheduled for Sept. 3 but it all depends on my blood work. Hoping the Grastofil helps.
  • @Tinazzie I was told the exact same thing. I’m just getting over the shock! Where are you being treated? I go to Sunnybrook 
  • And btw, I also remember the first few rounds of chemo feeling really quite good.  Day of I'd be dopey. More from the antihistamines and steroids I think. But day 3 I'd rebound with endless energy. I remember thinking this was a real walk in the park. But as time went on the cumulative effect hit me too and fatigue got worse and worse, blood cells counts went up and down like a yo yo.  But I really started to feel a change about 3 months post chemo....less brain fog, more energy, no issues with blood and small steps of progress day by day.  Patience is not my biggest virtue but I learned I had to exercise some or I'd go nuts.   Now then, I have to say the past month or so I'm been getting fatigued again..and several of my "sisters" have been saying the same thing...along with sleep patterns going screwy.  Maybe the weather?
  • @cbot I managed to get thru all 7 rounds of chemo with no problems with blood counts. Now that I’m all finished ( last chemo July 3), both my RBCs and WBCs are too low. This cane as a big surprise to me, thought I’d made it home free. 
  • I think it’s the stress of COVID likely.  Must be awful for you in treatment. 
  • @BeamBlossom Gastrofil is a newer drug that came out after Neupogen.  Both encourage white cells in bone marrow.
  • @Fearless. Yes, I remember that “walk in the park” feeling too, oh that blissful new patient innocence lol!