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  • Welcome to the chat, @Readersmaven
  • Sure...I was diagnosed last fall with Stage 3c HGSC. Had 3 rounds of chemo then surgery beginning of March, then 3 more rounds. Scan in May indicated NED, so moved on to maintenance. Fingers crossed that lynparza helps to keep a recurrence in the distance future.

    As I mentioned, my current challenge is working through the mental and emotional impact covid is having on a return to normal. 
  • Yes, congrats @Readersmaven on your NED status. I too feel the isolating impact of COVID. Congrats to you too @Tinazzie on your approaching final treatment-will be thinking of you and hoping it proceeds as planned
  • @Tinazzie congratulations on the end of your chemo in sight. When it's done, you ring that bell gal. It's a huge milestone in your recovery and you deserve to celebrate.  And if you happen to get delayed because of neutrophils, just grin and bare it..the end it is in sight!  Then it should be a matter of a surveillance program to ensure you get monitored...and your own plan to focus on yourself and your recovery. Just have patience and let your body tell you what it needs and what it can handle.  Recovery takes time but we're all here to help you through the bumps and the good times. 
  • @Readersmaven - that's great - congrats on being NED!  

    Thanks @fearless and @cbot for your encouragement and support!  
  • Thanks for the chat everyone! I'll sign off now, as they're wrapping up my IV here in the chemo suite. See u next week!
  • @Tinazzie last chemo is exciting! Absolutely ring that bell, either real or imaginary. 
  • @Readersmaven I expect we all hear you.  It's been a challenge enough coping with this disease but adding Covid restrictions seems some days like cruel and unusual punishment.  If you go to the search section (upper right of screen) and type in covid I think you'll find some interesting commentary and suggestions from previous discussions on the topic.   
  • @Fearless thx for the suggestion, I appreciate the help, as you say cruel and unusual punishment! Onward. 

    Will try to join in next week at beginning of session, now off for a zoom yoga class. Take care all.
  • @readermaven enjoy your zoom yoga and always feel free to pop in and out as is convenient.  But love to have you back with us again next week.  
  • Have a good week everyone!      
  • Signing off @Fearless.  Take care - look forward to chatting again next week.

  • Well, looks like cbot has also left us. And unless you have anything more to share today @Tinazzie I think I'll say good bye for now as well.
    Hope everyone on the chat and those looking in enjoyed the opportunity to connect real-time.  "See" you all next week.
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Hello ladies! Sorry to miss today’s chat. I had a transition appt at same time. Think today’s chat would have been better lol
  • Welcome's Thursday already...time sure does fly. It seems like we were altogether just a couple of days ago and now a whole week has gone by. 

    Let's start by just saying hi.....and maybe what you were doing just before you signed on here. 

    Me....just finished nibbling on some freshly picked blueberries I'd bought to make a pie and now I don't have enough left for the pie......just call me Ms. Piggy today!
  • Hi Fearless, 
    I’m trying this from my phone today to see if it works better. Great job! Now you don’t have to bake a pie. 

    I was watching the news. 
  • Hey @BeamBlossom good to see you today. How are things?

  • Gee I didn't have the right perspective Beamblossom.  Yes, no need to make the pie now. Not sure my husband will see that as positive though LOL
  • I’m feeling more tired than ever unfortunately. Bloodwork is a mess, hemoglobin has improved but rest of RBCs still low and now WBC and neutrophils have tanked too. 
  • @BeamBlossom that sucks.....I'd hoped with some rest away from the chemo your blood work would improve. But that's not always the case for us without some intervention.  What does your medical team say about treating it?
  • Hello - Happy Thursday!  It doesn't look like we many on this afternoon.  
  • Hi @Tinazzie Glad to have you here with me and Beamblossom.  How are you?
  • My GP is at a loss not being too experienced with chemo patients. She advised to rerun the CBC in 2 wks time. 

    Hello Tinazzie
  • @BeamBlossom Have you or she made your oncologist aware; especially with the WBC and neutrophils.  You don't want immunity issues in the middle of a pandemic.  
  • That’s for sure! I was so looking forward to getting back to normal immunity. My GP sent a copy of the lab report to my onc. 
  • Hi all. Just finished doing dishes after making and eating lobster corn chowder and fresh biscuits. Yum 
  • Sorry to hear you aren't feeling that great with the fatigue, @BeamBlossom.  

    I had a disappointing week as well.  My last round of chemo scheduled for this Tuesday was cancelled due to low neutrophils.  I have to re-do my blood work tomorrow and see if it's gone up enough to do the chemo on Monday.  I have been feeling quite beat up this cycle so, not  
  • not surprised, but still very disappointed.
  • Sorry to hear that Tinazzie, which chemo round are you on? 
  • @BeamBlossom Don't let this frustrate you.  As I know you know, low WBC and RBC's are almost a given at some point during chemo or as a post chemo side effect.  And I'll bet, but could be wrong, much of that is what has been driving much of your fatigue too.  Hopefully your oncologist will respond with some direction to your GP before the 2 week rerun.