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    Hello ladies.....they are off figuring out my final quote.
    Find it more like a business transaction really
    Sorry to hear of everyone who has been sick or hospitalized this past week. Hoping everyone finds resolution and heals soon.
    Yes, hoping your visit went well at Hospice
     We were all on Zoom yesterday due to the weather.
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    @Bojenka oh yea I met my one-one hospice support. We met for an hour and it flew by. Like talking with an old friend. I think she will be a very good first for me.
     I’m never did enjoy any form of hang-over🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Thanks @ToughAsTeal I like to have my life planned as well. Even now I don’t want to burden my family.
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    @GloHo thanks for passing that along re Shoppers! I think I will cash in one of my friends “let me know if there is anything I can do” vouchers and ask to maybe see if they can get it for me?  They are a very good name brand. 
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    Everyone I need to sign off now to end to Poopsie… keep moving forward. Sending out Holds to all of you. 
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    Tend to Poopsie. Ostomy’s name. Lol
  • I am looking forward to this weekend. We get to babysit our 10-week old GRANDPUPPY (haha). She is so sweet. We just lost both of our dogs and do not want to get into the responsibility and time commitment for any more dogs ourselves, so this will be nice to get our puppy fix. 

  • @GloHo thanks for sharing the puppy photo. Adorable 
  • Nice chatting with everyone today. Have a great weekend. I would like to hear more about Hospice care and how to figure out which facility I should choose. There are three in our town. I will do a bit more reseach this week to see about support groups, etc.
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    @ToughAsTeal, @Bojenka, @GloHo
      Thank you so much ladies for continuing on while I was in my appt.  It was not as bad as what I thought it would be.  I had already picked an urn and knew much of what I wanted answered so that is good.  I will also say, I was kind of surprised that it came in for under $10,000 for what I want.  It is like everyone telling you information before you go into labour....all the stories but you just don' know until you go through it.
     @ToughAsTeal You certainly had a bit of go this past week but am thankful it was not anything major and it has since passed for you. I am also glad your one on one went well with Hospice as well.  I think the facility is lovely.
     @GloHo  I do hope you recover from your cold soon.  I had one and it really got me down as well.  Good tip on the Shoppers Drug Market find.
     @Bojenka There is a lot to and not a lot to it for planning a funeral.  I think half the battle is knowing what you want and don't want when you go in.  I knew I wanted to be cremated, had picked an urn to my liking and then decided on a Celebration of Life.  The rest was fine.  I had to pick a box (yes even if you are cremated) and I picked one that is suitable but not over the top either.  It is mainly for transportation purposes only and laws.  Other than that, you can fill in information when you are there or fill it in later.  Since I didn't tell anyone I was going, I owe it to my hubby to inform him before proceeding.  I am choosing to pay within 1 year once I do it.  Then it is done and they don't have to worry about it.  The home will take care of play lists, pictures etc.  Some of that I can have input into while I am here.  Things to think about and things not to think about.....all depends on your own situation.  For me, I know a cost now and if nothing else, it will be written down what I want and they can do it later.  And I believe that is about the last legal thing on my plate to do.  So my brain can start to shut off from that stuff soon.  The rest is leaving my legacy and creating my memory legacies with the family.
      @Fearless_Moderator  We missed you yesterday and hope in the coming days, you find out what is going on and have an action plan to resolve it.  Hang in there.
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    Good Afternoon Ladies!

    39 Sunny Winter Day Wallpaper on WallpaperSafari

    Thought we could all use some sunshine in our lives today and since it is winter......
    Guess Mother Nature has decided to join us on our roller coaster ride except she is playing with the temperatures.  Supposed to be pretty frigid the next couple of days and then back to the plus side next week.  She is such a fickle thing!  ;)

    So, who is on today?  What has the week been like?  Anyone have any testing or results come back?  Updates?
    Where is everyone at emotionally as we enter February? Learn anything new?  How are living legacy projects coming along?

    Our leader @Fearless_Moderator has asked me to step in this week as she is still in hospital as they figure out what her body is doing and devising a plan for her.  As we all know, the bed sucks and the company in there can be hit and miss.  I think she would love it if you sent her a quick little message to pick her up a little or give her a laugh.  She is an amazing lady who has been leading this group for a long time and doing a great job at it.  Best wishes to her to get out of that hospital and home soon!!!

    I learned from my Hospice group this week and sharing that another person found a local glass blowing place that will do that with your ashes and create whatever you want should you decide to be cremated.  The stuff is beautiful.  I don't find it morbid at all but empowering to be able to make these decisions and lessen the burden on family when the time comes.  They will all have enough to go through.

    I also learned today that Sat Feb 4th is World Cancer Day.  I had no idea.  Anyone else knew about this?  Anyone advocating for anything locally or beyond?  The one take away I did get from the station interviewing someone with cancer was for others on the outside of our circle: do your check ins with the cancer patient and even if you don't get a response keep sending them, be specific about what you want to bring to them or just bring it but ask about dietary issues first, it's a long haul and they need the support for a long time.  The latter is the one I think most of us have experienced at some point.  You have this influx of people in the beginning of your diagnosis, you may have a brief reprieve where it dwindles and then when you inform of a recurrence or change they are around again or many disappear again.  I would like to believe it is two-fold for them, they don't understand our needs and need for continued to support and the other being they don't know what to say or do anymore. For us, it just makes our circle of support smaller and I would say stronger as I believe it is our strength and those around us that help us through this all. Do we have bad days?  Absolutely!  Do we think bleak things at times....of course but we are human and it is a grieving process we are journeying through.  Then we have our times we are up and laugh and sing, dance whatever makes us happy and those are ah-mazing times.  Embrace them all!  I read a book my niece gave me and it is a fictional book about death and dying but I loved it.  It is this in between world that you go to after dying.  Someone meets you and makes you a cup of tea that suits your personality and what you are feeling currently and sits with you silently until you are ready to talk.  You stay in this world until you are ready to go the "THE DOOR" and cross over.  I like to think that this exists and that we stay there until we know our loved ones are okay and managing and then we move on to what lies before us next.........

    So enough of my rambling as I could go on and on as I do like to write but chat it up.....let's see where the conversation goes today.

  • Is anyone here today?  am still sad from my MRI results, but coping with it all.

  • Fearless Moderator, I wish you well

  • Good afternoon!  It feels like ages since I was last on, but I do check the updates regularly. I was worried to hear about @Fearless_Moderator being admitted to hospital last week. I see a lot of new-to-me names and faces on the chat.  The courage and perseverance of our Teal Sisters always amazes me.  So here I am in real time this week!   

  • @Fearless_Moderator, sending you hugs, love and best wishes!  It's good that they hare keeping you there a little longer until they figure out what needs to be done.  They know you are "Fearless" and can handle those hospital beds a little while longer! 
  • Nice to be with you @Strongwoman and @babs272.
  • Where is everyone from? I am in BC

  • Nice to see the sun today!  -31 tomorrow with the windchill. I am not a winter fan!! @Fearless_Moderator I am so sorry to hear you are in then hospital. Hopefully they will soon figure out what is going on and create a plan. In the meantime, sending big hugs your way ❤️
  • Someone asked about test results.  Well my CA-125 is climbing and took a fairly big jump last Friday. 230 to 312. I did have my Bivalent and flu shots two days earlier so I am hoping that is part of it. I feel quite good so trying not to think about it. The plan is a CT end of March when I get back from Europe (unless something pops up). I am sharing this article because I am seriously thinking of going this route. Thought others might be interested. https://www.kawartha411.ca/2023/01/27/fenelon-falls-woman-to-attend-her-own-celebration-of-life-one-day-before-receiving-medical-assistance-in-dying/
  • Hi Taita, Thanks for this I am also considering MAID as an option as disease progresses. I have contacted the coordinator in Hamilton and I'm glad it's available if I decide to go that route. Thanks for including this in the conversation. I am also exploring what palliative care has to offer. I see OCC has a webinar on palliative care on March 8th. 
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      Joining in late, I am. There is also palliative sedation as a consideration. I, too, have explored/asked different avenues as my disease progresses as well.
      It is interesting as one delves into it, all the things that I had no idea were possibilities.
      I wish you well with whatever you decide.
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      What a wonderful view you have on it and carrying on enjoying your plans you have made. Not that you won't have it in your thoughts but hopefully on a backburner as you enjoy your trip to Europe.
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      How are you and where are things at?
    Apologies I had an unexpected meeting come up and am responding a little later.

  • @Fearless_Moderator.just want to pop in and send you some hugs and good wishes, you are in the right place.I am sure the doctors have a plan and will sort it out.You are a great inspiration to us all and I will keep you in my prayers .
  • @Fearless_Moderator
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are still in hospital. It's sure not a fun place to be. Thinking of you and sending you good vibes to feel better soon. You're inspiration and sense of humour are missed! Take care 
  • @Fearless_Moderator
    Just a quick note to let you know I’m thinking of you. Sending positive vibes and a big hug your way. 
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    Good Afternoon Ladies.
      Who else is experiencing gray, dullness with either rain, freezing rain or snow in their area?
      What would anyone like to address or open a chat about this week? Any results come back, experiencing something emotionally, mentally and/or physically?
      Thank all who sent @Fearless_Moderator messages last week.  I know she appreciated them.
      Personally, I have had a few very exhausting days with my elderly Aunt and her health. I will report she is hone from hospital,  sounds stronger than she has in a very long while and I believe they may have found the root of her issue. So I am very Thankful for that.
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    Hello on this grey rainy day! Sure is hard to get motivated to do anything in a day like this. Maybe watch Leathal Weapon 4, on TV, for the eighth time??!! Haha (in truth, I don’t think I have even seen it once!) 
    I am curious to get more info about Palliative Sedation option. Does it require pre-signed forms through doctor? 
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    To brighten things up here are some pics
  • Yes this is definitely a dull, gray, rainy day!! I made baked beans with smoked pork hocks. Seemed like a good comfort food for today. Haven’t made them in years. One week from now I should be on a plane to Mexico. 🤞. My friend is renting a condo in a small fishing village. Quiet, sun and heat!  
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