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Advocacy and treatment

Hello Everyone, 
My partner's mother has ovarian cancer (lrg complex mass, spread to abdominal cavity) and is still in the process of diagnosis and staging. She has had pretty much all of the tests (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, blood tests) and the final step is her appointment with a Gynecological Oncologist. We both feel that they aren't expediting this appointment with the specialist despite the major concerns on the test results and documents received post test result. I guess I'm wondering if I need to help them advocate and call the specialist office or go about it some other way? My partner is concerned that the longer we wait for the appointment and eventual treatment that her cancer may spread. Thoughts??


  • @shellyb86 - how long are you waiting for the appointment with the gynecological oncologist?  My surgeon referred me after confirmation of cancer diagnosis and I had an appointment within two weeks. However, times right now have affected everything. Perhaps giving the specialist a call to inquire, and maybe ask to be put on a cancellation list (which I did for my surgery and it was bumped up six weeks).
  • shellyb86
    edited July 2020
    Thank you @kastoyles for your advice! She has been waiting for two weeks, the appointment with a Gyn Oncologist is this coming Friday. I guess our worry is with this process of waiting and deciding on the treatment plan for her mom that the cancer will spread and get worse. I understand that Covid is still affecting wait times and treatment, it's just so hard playing the waiting game. I will definitely get her to call their office to hopefully be put on the cancellation list. Thanks again for your input :) 
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @shellyb86 - welcome and we wish your family member the best possible outcome during these challenging times. Not certain on her province or location however the cancer treatment centre may have what is called a Patient Navigator ( or something else ).... they may be able to assist your family member with the process and perhaps connect with a nurse practitioner to address concerns until the appointment. 
  • @shellyb86 I share your concern about delays, but in my case, it's me that has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My diagnosis was delayed 4 months already because of covid. Now I am waiting for a referral to a gynelogic oncologist and I'm worried that it will also be delayed. My family doctor is calling my situation "urgent" that I get final cat and ultrasounds, and into the specialist, but what is considered urgent? This is causing me incredible stress.
  • @Teacher20 I'm sorry the process for you has been so delayed. It can be such a frustrating  and overwhelming feeling.In terms of my mother in law (This is all in BC for clarification),she has now been officially seen by a team of oncologists and diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian CA. Her situation was also considered 'urgent'  last month and she originally had an MRI set for August, however, that changed due to the concern from her gynecologist and it was done sooner. When I was listening in on the phone call with the GYN I asked her how long an urgent MRI would take and she said one month considering covid-19 and general waitlists. That definitely added to our anxiety, however, after continuously checking in with her mom's Dr and the GYN it was pushed sooner (2 weeks later).  The advice that the other two ladies gave me in the this chat was very helpful. Express your concern with your Dr again and try to advocate for yourself. Or call the Cancer Agency to ask them a few of these questions and concerns. Or call the Specialist that you are connected to and ask them as well. I hope this is helpful for you.