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87 year old mom diagnosed

Hello there,
We just found out our, otherwise very healthy, mobile, and "with it" mom, is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer.  We are still figuring out what this means after having one meeting with her oncologist.  He has, with "mixed feelings", offered her chemo.  Needless to say, the list of side effects are horrific.  We are looking for thoughts and ideas about what others may think about this.  No other options have been shared.  Thank you.


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Tracy- welcome to the site and sorry your mom is in this situation.
    Many have found it helpful to make a list a of all the questions and concerns you all may have and perhaps a call back to the nurse practitioner if your mom cannot connect with the oncologist to discuss again. Did they provide an official diagnosis, offer chemo options or a treatment / follow-up plan - not sure if the oncologist was able to elaborate to you all on the "mixed feelings" about chemo? 
    There are so many variables to treatment. Ask many questions and press for answers, ensure your mom is able to have the discussions and support that she is satisfied with.
  • Tracy
    Thanks so much. 
  • Hello@Tracy - welcome to our site - so happy you found a place to ask questions- how is your Mom ? Has she talked with you about her questions- this diagnosis is very shocking and she must be so happy you are there for support for visits with the doctor - you can pick up info that she mightn't be able to take in at the time. Is there a nurse practitioner in your oncologist's practice where you can ask your questions- do hope your oncologist will expand on his "  mixed feelings " so your Mom can make a decision with full awareness. I have found writing down my questions and handing the list to my doctor is very helpful since one can get sidetracked in a visit or not get to all the questions- Virtual hugs to you both D