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Hair Growth

Hi Ladies
After surgery and all my side effects due to allergies to my chemo this concern sounds so trite however I would like teal sisters advice. From losing my hair from chemo, it is now growing back extremely curly. It is at a growth stage I cannot stand it. I would rather go back to being bald or having the fluf. What advice do you have re growing the hair back? DId you keep wearing caps or do you get it cut as it grew? Do the curls go away when the hair is cut? Looking forward to how you ladies grew out your hair..Thanks


  • Hi @CountryLiving,  hair comeback is individual...mine came back curly and I've embraced it..I  was told that the curls would only last a short time and a couple of cuts.  But I still have them..and my hair is kind of ombre...dark on the back bottom...gets lighter on top..I  just let my hair grow...I'd get the fuzzy bits around my neck line trimmed up.  I would just wear a hat until it was long enough to style..and I dont know if others experience this..but my hair grows really fast, and thick and curly...😊 I only had to have chemo to have what others wish for😁
  • Hi @countryliving - our hair is our crowning glory isn't it and we just want back what we knew - the experience is unique to each of us and sometimes it just takes awhile . I remember my hair came really curly and kinky  just like Annie and seemed to have a way of its own . I wondered if this "new hair" would ever settle down - seemed to have had its own plan. I continue to have it "styled" and after awhile my hair was back to what I knew - a thick head of curly hair like pre chemo days . I think I was too short on patience:) Hang in there - I wish you all the best and know you will get there to.

  • Hi @countryliving - I went through 3 occurences and each loosing and growing hair was an issue. I felt the same way as you, it was so uncomfortable growing back I wondered why people wanted hair. Mine did grow baby curlier and a nicer color each time to I was happy that I waited it out and got comfortable with it after awhile. 
    PS funny story, during first occurence I went to renew my drivers license and just had a hat on, they wanted to take my picture, I said 'what, if I had known that I would have wore hair' lol. Have a great day and try to enjoy your new hair.
  • Teal Sisters - I know what you mean! My mother also used to say a woman's hair is her crowning glory. I shaved mine off before my second chemo treatment. Quite frankly, after living with curly hair for 60 years it was terribly liberating. The loss of my eyelashes bothered me more than losing my hair! LOL Mine came back curly and softer than it was pre-chemo, but it has now gone back to the same coarse texture and amount of curl. I seriously considered shaving it off during COVID....
  • @kastoyles, my hair has never been my crowning glory..but is is curlier and darker...and my eyelashes did come back but they are far shorter...but has come back in abundance in all the wrong places..😉😂😂🤣🤣
  • kastoyles
    edited July 2020
    @Bluebird - my eyelashes are not the same either. My mom ordered long lashes and curly hair..LOL I still have the curly hair but my lashes won't even curl with the eyelash curler anymore....sigh.
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    thank you @KiwiChick @Bluebird @walkabout @devanator and @kastoyles for your understanding and comments. I am getting use to seeing the new me in the mirror.  I get so many comments from people as to how curly it is coming in. It is what it is! One good thing is it is nice to have it short for the hot summer! Have a great August.
  • It is now 4 months post chemo and my hair like most of you is crazy curly. My hair was always wavy but nothing like this. Just wondering how long it takes to grow in. While very thick it doesn’t seem to be growing very fast.
  • Hi hair was a slow took about 4 months for my hair to fill in...and hasn't stopped since..its still thick and curly...grows really fast now.  I was told that my curl would go away but I still have hair came back grayer on the top but really dark on the back...people pay money for hair to be like mine...I just needed a little chemo..
  • @Cecile21 @Bluebird I was told my hair would come in thicker and curlier....I already have natural curl but it didn't grow in thicker (sigh because I am a little light on the top). It was much softer (my hair tends to be coarse) and was so for about a year and then the natural texture returned.
  • My next question is about eyelashes. My eyebrows and lashes came in very quickly. Now all of a sudden my eyebrows are thinning out and my lashes are breaking off. They are quite short now. It's so weird.
  • Yeah... my eyelashes are not what they used to be either—not as long and won't hold a curl. My brows are still thick, gray hairs are starting to creep in. It is what it is and I'm thankful they both came back! I read somewhere about massaging a little castor oil into the eyelid will help with lash growth.
  • nadiaC
    I'm thrilled to read these chats about hair growth. I had my sixth cycle of chemo last Wednesday and am waiting impatiently for hair to grow. Being on docetaxel instead of paclitaxel may have taken less of a toll on my hair. I already have 'fuzz' on my head. It's white though, and I didn't have a lot of white hair before. My eyelashes are almost all gone though. I hope they grow back. Thanks for talking about hair :smile: 
  • I finished chemo two years ago. My hair grew back nicely at the time, same colour and texture. About 7 months ago, it started breaking off and falling out. It is very thin now, almost a bald spot at the crown, but do manage to cover it up mostly. Has anyone had the same problem? Maybe it isn’t chemo related, just old age. 
  • gaylestorm
    I love all this talk of hair.  I really didn't care about losing my head hair.  I have had bad hair processing in the past that lasted well over 2 years which prepared me for this.  lol.  As a swimmer, I loved not having any body hair to wash or shave, unfortunately all the pools closed due to covid.  I did mind not having eyebrows and eyelashes.  So hard to put on eyeliner when there are no lashes.  Has anyone had a abnormal growth of facial hair, covering all of the face?  It was driving me nuts, so I gave in and shaved my face.  Really, not the worst thing since having cancer!
  • kastoyles
    edited May 2021
    I had exactly the same thing - dark fuzz over my face and I searched the internet for any information on the fuzz, which at the time wasn't easy to find. There were two schools of thought—wax or shave, after which the fuzz didn't return. I waxed mine and was pleased when it didn't come back.  I missed my eyelashes most of all, but the rest of the hair? Not nearly as much. No worries about makeup or haircuts...just focused on getting through chemo and getting better. There are days now when I think of shaving my head..LOL it was so easy...put on a hat and I was ready to go!