New to Site - IP Port Advice?

Newly diagnosed in spring of this year.  Surgery June 25 with complete hysterectomy.  Cancer resided in right fallopian tube and right ovary only so pathology confirmed a Stage II.  Heading to first chemo July 20 - so only 3 days from now. Anxious for sure.  Early 60's and dr quite positive for my long term prognosis.  Offering my the ability for an IP port to wash the abdomen for round 2-6.  Has only used IP port on line?  Want to hear more if so


  • I had the IP port treatment at Princess Margaret hospital.  It made for a long day of chemo but best to do whatever you can to conquer this beast. Good luck. Hugs and prayers 
  • Angel 27 Thank you for answering.  I am being reminded each person's journey with this will be unique but I read the IP choice causes more significant side effects than IV.  What is your point of view?  Could you still function post chemo or was it debilitating?  Not knowing how long ago you went through this, did IP port choice provide prognosis your dr suggested?
  • I finished chemo 3 years ago this past March  surgery was in sept 2016. Just before my 58th birthday  I was pretty much out of commission during my chemo. I didn’t work and would not have been able to. I did have quite a bit of nausea  and was hospitalized for 2 infections  then they gave me neopogen shots which helped  I honestly don’t remember being given a choice really. The IP was highly recommended as being my best chance. And at that point I still didn’t know about the high rate of recurrence. I had 3c high grade serous I think. No problems so far knock on wood  
  • It has been offered to me as stage 2 since is not typically offered as over and above to iv and dr said  ultimately my choice. I am intending to still work as distraction as much as anything but have read the port causes some potential over and above issues.  I am very nervous for Monday and hope I can toughen up to get through this. No Choice. I so appreciate your feedback on a Saturday. 
  • no problem feel free to contact me anytime or for any other questions.  My chemo brain (still use that excuse lol) will do it’s best to answer. 
  • Great you have been able to connect and share @angel27 and @Billie
    Sending our support to you for tomorrow :)
  • Thank you. On my way
  • :) hugs and prayers 
  • Hope things went ok 
  • Thanks for checking in. Port being inserted this Friday. Iv Chemo 1 good and bad so far.  Port will allow therapy to really target and eradicate 
  • Wonderful. And remember I’m here to help if you need it!  Will you be doing hydration by ov after each treatment for a few days? 
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