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Ringing the Bell

Hi everyone.  Just wondering out of interest if your centre has a Bell to ring when you've finished your treatment? you ring the bell when you finish chemo?  Or like me I was on maintenance after chemo for a do you ring when all treatment is done?  And did you ring the bell?  I couldn't bring myself to ring the bell..I didnt want to jinx was a wonderful feeling itself knowing at that time that I was done treatment.  Just wondering🤔😊


  • @Bluebird I rang the bell so loud, people in the next building could hear it! Well, not really, but I rang it  as loud as I could. It was wonderful to be in the chemo suite and hear the bell from others on their last day. I felt good knowing others had finished their last treatment and it helped me get through it.
  • is very reassuring when you here the bell ring that someone has finished treatment  and that your turn will be coming..I just ..couldn't bring myself to ring in case I had to come back for another round...I think it's quite emotional to finish..endure the treatment..ring...its a great accomplishment.
  • Fearless_Moderator
    There is a bell in the chemo room at KGH where I was treated.  Somehow my cycles got all screwed up and so never got to ring it myself..something I always regret.  I can remember tears of joy running down my face when I'd hear others' ringing the for them as that bell meant closure on an important milestone in treatment and sounding the charge to move on to the next step in the journey to recovery.  So if you have the chance to ring it. Or in the absence of a bell, mark that milestone by celebrating in some other way.  
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    @bluebird I rang the bell but was a bit hesitant at first because like you I was not wanting to jinx anything. I was with my son and he wanted me to ring it. Had pics taken and I was so glad afterwards. Very emotional time and I sobbed after ringing it. Glad to look back at those pics now. 
  • I rang the bell and my husband videoed it.  
    I was lucky enough to have my husband by my side at my first and last chemo treatments.  Although I 'insisted' I think he was more than happy to  be there for me all the way.
    When I first saw other people ringing the bell, I wondered and another person explained it to me, and when someone did ring the bell, everyone stopped and clapped, which I was more that happy to do on more that one occasion.  So when it came my turn to ring the bell I did so with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.
    To everyone who rings that bell - CONGRATULATIONS! :)<3
  • is an immense accomplishment..congrats on you ringing the bell..😊❤