GOOD NEWS: Early Detection is Getting Closser

I recently came across this article on a new early detection test that's being developed and thought I'd share it with everyone.  This is uplifting news with possibly far-reaching positive impacts in the lives of our daughters, grand-daughters and all the other women we love and care for!


  • Before I was really aware of ovarian cancer, two ladies I knew had died of it. So many of our Teal Sisters are not diagnosed until later stages. It's important for each of us to be aware of our bodies and recognize when something's not right. I'm fortunate to have a doctor who listens and we began investigating right away. Improvements in diagnosis are direly needed. It's wonderful to see long overdue advances in diagnosis and treatment ovarian cancer. 

  • I couldn't agree more @kastoyles!  Hope you're having a good day, hugs, M
  • @maggiemae - you as well!
  • CountryLivingCountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Wonderful news to share. Hoping more research continues. @maggiemae thank you for the news.
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