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Looking for any teal sisters who were diagnosed in their 20s, 30s or 40s? I was diagnosed at age 31, and I'm always looking to meet other young survivors. Perhaps this can be a space we can swap stories and share our struggles that are unique to us being young survivors. @ssajwani @Caitsmom @Sunflower @Erinosaurus


  • Hi @jiselle16 Thanks for starting this post. I’m
    newly diagnosed at 42 with stage 3C High grade serus. I had surgery on June 10 and did my first chemo treatment on July 9. I’ve got a young boy who is 5 and I’d love to connect with you and other young survivors. 
  • Hi @nadiaC! I am so sorry you are going through this, but all of us here are rooting for you! So glad you found OVdialogue! I found the first chemo treatment so nerve-wracking as I didn't know what to expect. Hope you are doing as well as you can. I don't have any kids (unfortunately cancer took that option away) - but how is your little boy handling all this? As a Mom, that must be so tough at times.
  • Hi @jiselle16 Thank you for writing and for your support. This is a wonderful community of teal sisters. I’m sorry your first chemo was scary. Are you done with your treatments? My son is doing his best. We are lucky to have a family member here helping us, because he’s not at daycare. It’s difficult to recuperate with a high energy 5 yr old at home but he also motivates me a great deal. How are you doing these days? 
  • @nadiaC That's what we are here for - to support each other! I am doing well! I finished chemo treatments in December 2016 and I've been cancer free since then :) I can just imagine how difficult it would be to recuperate with a 5 year old, but so glad that he motivates you. 
  • @jiselle16 that’s great to hear! 💪🏼 😊 I’m on day 8 after my first chemo and overcome by waves of fatigue that cycle daily and hourly. I can’t tell if it’s a chemo side effect or menopause. Just riding the waves...🙃
  • @nadiaC Oh I remember those days! It definitely comes in waves. Sometimes I found it overwhelming, but I just kept telling myself to get through one hour and one day at a time.  <3
  • hi. 46 yrs old, diagnosed Feb 2020. Stage 4.  No surgery for me unfortunately.  First 6 treatments ended in June.  Because no surgery, not sure if going thru menopause or just still after affects of chemo.  no period 9 months, night sweats like crazy!!!   and yes, still tired, even tho my brain thinks I can run a marathon....nope/
  • Hi @tdubs17! Thanks for writing and sharing your experience. I had surgery in June and had loads of hot flashes for 2-3 months. Also low energy. Both have subsided now and it might be because of the anti anxiety medication I started over a month ago. 💪🏼
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    Hi was diagnosed at 36,in 2016. With low grade serous carcinoma. Would love to talk with someone going throw similar stuff. I have 3children ahes10,15,&22. It is alot to deal with but we will all get through this together
  • @jhsurviver Welcome to our community.  And you're right, we're all in this together regardless of what type we have. This is a wonderful group full of lots of caring and sharing.  As for your interest,  I'm going to suggest two things to you to connect with other Low Grade Sisters. 

    First of all start a new discussion topic with a title like:  Looking to connect with other Low Grade Sisters.  This is the best way to get some immediate attention.  

    Secondly there have been other discussions on the topic. If you go to the Search bar at the top right of the screen and type in key words like Low Grade, former discussions will pop up.  They are always active and you can engage in those discussions at any time.  

    A tip as you find other's with your type of disease. If you want to ensure they are flagged to any relevant comments to which they may want to engage, just type the @ immediately followed by the first few letters of their screen name and you'll get a popup from which you can choose the applicable member to communicate with.  

    Finally, we have a live chat on Thursdays (today actually ) at 1pm EST.  Our group is growing although not sure if we have any Low Grade participants yet. But love to have you join us.  You need only sign in to Ovdialogue and click on the Discussion title : Teal Thursdays......and you're in.

    Let us know how you make out connecting with others.  
  • @tdubs17 and @jhsurviver thanks for joining this discussion! What would you say is the biggest challenge you are facing right now? Dealing with menopause? Lack of emotional support from others? Anxiety? Or all of the above?? If you feel comfortable here sharing your biggest challenges at the moment, we can share some tips and strategies to help you cope. We can get through this together <3
  • I actually don't find menopause to be that bad. Hot flashes are a bit of a pain but not to bad. I think lack of support is always questionable but I try not to focus on that to much and just enjoy my family. I think the hardest thing right now is wrapping my head around losing my hair again,just got used to having it back. And how to stay positive. Thank you I'm sure I will learn alot from everyone. 
  • Hi, last chemo was July 2020, I thought. I was going through menopause, but come Oct I had a period.  Now Nov and nothing weird.  Was over 9 months then bam....yes hot flashes and night sweats.  Gaining weight and tired.  That could just be covid   Biggest challenge is every time I feel something different I think of the worst...recurrence.....and well..
  • hi jislle16. 
    Yes... i was diagnosed at 35 with stage 4. Here I am, now 44 years old. High grade serous. Have had three recurrences. Hard stuff. 
  • Hi @Jule_P. I’m 43 in January. Diagnosed HGS 3C in June of this year. I’ve just finished chemo and am now on a trial getting Niraparib. Just wanted to say hello and send you some positive energy.
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