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Ovarian Cancer Canada graphic license plate

Teal sisters in Ontario (only):

Would you be interested in a license plate with the Ovarian Cancer Canada logo on it?  See the photoshopped image below!

In order to make this happen, we would need to initially sell 200 license plates at $82.15 each.  We would then need to sell 30 plates every year after that to maintain this as an option to the public (it would be posted on the government of Ontario’s website).  The initial sell is what we need to manage first!

Ovarian Cancer Canada is aware of this initiative, and they have asked me to pursue it and see if there is enough interest.  I am interested in doing this as I need new plates (lol!) and I would love to draw more awareness to the cause.  I am a 4-year survivor, and I participate and contribute to OCC through their fundraising walks, as well as volunteer opportunities such as The National Women’s show in Toronto, and speaking with Survivors Teaching Students.  

Please let me know if you would be SERIOUS about ordering a plate, and paying BEFOREHAND to Ovarian Cancer Canada, by commenting below.

More details will follow ☺️

Please Note: The price of $82.15 is standard for this type of graphic license plate.  Please visit the following website to verify this information and to see examples from other charities and organizations:

Please spread the word to our teal sisters who are not online!  Thank you :)


  • @Cheery....what a great idea.  I've already responded on the FB call out, but yes I'd be keen. Need for my car and one for my truck.  But really don't want to change my current plate numbers. They're tied to service accounts and on line parking apps and a nuisance to change.  Thanks for this.
  • Hi Fearless!  Ok, I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not sure if that’s possible, as requesting new plates with the same numbers is deemed a “custom plate” with a bigger price tag.  I will make a note of this and look into it, and get back to you :)
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    What a great idea! 
  • Hello,

    Great idea- Can this be taken further than Ontario ? - I live in BC - thank you WalkAbout
  • @walkabout - yes for sure it could be!  You may want to research graphic licenses in your province to see if it already exists, and if not, how to initiate the process.  If it’s anything like Ontario, the issue is gathering 200 people that are interested and willing to pay beforehand!  Good luck :)
  • kastoyles
    edited July 2020
    I've had a magnetic ribbon on the back of the van for a few tends to disappear every now and then - so plates would solve that problem.
  • I would love this but I am in PEI. Great idea tho. Spread awareness 
  • @kastoyles - should I put your name down on my list then?

    @angel27 - I’m sure PEI’s requirements would be different from Ontario.  I wonder if you would have enough interest?
  • Update July 8th: we have potentially 12 names.  We still have a way’s to go!  Keep sharing and promoting 😃💙😃💙
  • @cheery - yes thanks

  • Fearless_Moderator
    Fearless_Moderator Moderator
    edited July 2020
    @Cheery I think I already posted yes, either here or on FB or both. But I shared your post on our Ovation Circle page (our survivor group here in the Kingston area) and 4 have indicated they would be keen to order.  If you need their names, I will go back and ask permission to share off-line with you.
  • This is a great initiative and I hope at least one province will be able to lead the way.
    It would be fantastic to have it on a national level. This new option was announced as well:
  • I am interested. Please add my name.
  • I am soooo interested!!! I live in Ontario too!!! A great Mothers Day Gift it could be, or birthday, anniversary, etc 
  • This is so cool!
  • @PattyB
    This possibility was raised about a year ago and doesn't seem to have gone any further than this discussion thread. I sense @cheery wasn't able to drum up enough interest in Ontario where, apparently, we needed 200 willing to order and pay upfront to make it happen.  @Cheery perhaps you could let us know if you're continuing your efforts or has it been abandoned?  

  • Hello everyone, 

    Yes it has been a year since this was posted, and I still need new license plates lol!  Unfortunately, we are nowhere near the 200 names we need in order to get this up and running.  I do not doubt that we could get the numbers; the issue is getting the word out to the general public.  If there is anyone who is able to help with this, I would love to work with you!

    Hopefully one day we can actually move ahead with this!