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Ovarian Cancer recurrence

I am heading down to Oncology today!  :'( - 3.5 years past my last chemotherapy for stage 1c High Grade Ovarian Cancer.  Stage 1C - I was told I was cured and it was caught early but, I guess not.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it about QOL now... I guess I will see the news today.  I was told it is small and in my pelvis - I had fluid on my pelvis March 2019 NOW cancer HHHMMM.  Stay Well everyone


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    @beachgirl I am so sorry to hear your news.  I too had recurrence at the 1.5 year mark but I was also 3c High Grade so more expected for me. That's not to say the news wasn't really depressing to get.  At least, like me, it's been caught early and they'll have a plan for you. Don't give up hope you can wrestle this damn disease to the ground.  I was lucky to be a candidate for a clinical trial so I've been on Olaparib ever since.  Let's see what they have in their bag of tricks for you gal.  Strongly suggest you order Still By Your Side  I'm sure you'll find it a helpful guide as you go through this next chapter in your journey. We'll all be thinking of you and wishing you the best.
  • I am on my third recurrence of ovarian cancer, no clinical trial for me just chemo with a different drug spaced 28 days apart.  The cancer blocked my small bowel so now I have a stoma.  It’s not all bad, I’m not ready to pack it in so will keep fighting.  
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @beachgirl - sorry to hear of your recurrence - know we are here for you as much as we can be - I hope you are able to get some support and answers at this time - and yes, as @Fearless mentioned the Still by Your Side guide is a very good support resource to have. Thank you for sharing your recent story @love2run - hope you are feeling well at this time.
  • Hello@flowergirl, love2run, fearless 
    Thank you ... Surgery on July 9th they say there is a new finding on the cat scan.  Ok Girls it's in a weird spot YES! the top of my vagina.  They won't know 100% until the surgery.  Enjoy Canada day tomorrow and just have some fun. 
  • Hello @beachgirl.  Sorry to hear of your reoccurrence..hope surgery goes well for you and you find the answers your looking for and the treatment you need. I know ladies who have had reoccurrences and are still kicking will too.
  • Hello@bluebird.  thanks and yes, I will kick it ..... right out the door and it wont come back! 
  • Hello @beachgirl..that's the spirit and strength!!
  • Hi there @beachgirl, I'm so sorry to hear of your recurrence as that's certainly right up there on the list of what we all fear most - And awaiting surgery is never easy when we know "that thing is inside of us" until then.  In your case, I'm sure the shock of having caught it early and being cured has made this even tougher for you - hugs and much empathy!  (I've not yet had a recurrence but do expect that one day I will (3C metastatic high grade serrous carcinoma, July 2018).  This time around you already know you can beat the anxiety of waiting and can come through the surgery.....draw on that and know that on July 9th I'll be thinking of you. (What time is your surgery and what time zone are you in?  I'll send good vibes your way as you are going under).  Know, too, that we're all pulling for you. Maybe you could even try making that your last thought as you drift off to sleep each night -  'surrounding' yourself with your very own 'army of women survivors bubble' to help you boot this thing to the door! I know I had to calm myself by thinking in great detail about all I was (and am) grateful for as I fell asleep each night.  It helped a lot.  My best wishes to you and please do let us know how you are doing.  M    
  • Thank you @MaggieMae, Lets hope its just a cyst they keep changing their mind - we will know next weekend.  Stay Well   
  • You to @beachgirl.  Here's hoping!
  • @beachgirl - the 9th will be here before you know it. You are getting into surgery on a very timely basis, which is a bonus. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a good report on the pathology - perhaps it is just a cyst but it's good to air on the side of caution. Nip it in the bud now and kick it to the curb!  <3
  • @kastoyles - that so true - no one wants in for surgery due to COVID19.  It will be kicked to the curb all right.  I hope your doing well.  It's hard when you are not even close to retirement and this hit you.   Maybe a lotto ticket will help.  LOL
  • Trinity
    Hello everyone, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer, with her peritoneal lining full of cancer cells as well. She was 83 years old and oncology was not expecting her to survive. She asked to try Chemo (Carboplatin). She managed 6 rounds and “rang the bell”. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and supported her journey with supplementation and foods to enhance her treatment. Oncology wasn’t aware of what I was giving her🙂. Well, she managed 3 years until last year she had a small tumour recur and other nodes on the outside of lining. She had laparoscopic procedure to remove the tumour, and clean up the extra nodes. A week after surgery, she had a bleeding ulcer which had to heal before they tested her on the outcome of surgery. Long story short: She just turned 87 years old in May, and was just recently told she is clear with no evidence. Just wanted to share, and remember- no one knows your destiny. Even Oncology. They may say it doesn’t look good, or they may think “you will find treatment challenging”. You know what is inside you, and what you can handle. Follow your heart. Pray, keep immune system strong, rest, keep faith and your goal in your mind, and never give up. There is always, always hope. Blessings to all. 👍
  • Hi @Trinity..I'm happy that your mom is doing well at 87...and she has your support...thanks for the encouragement..
  • @Trinity wonderful words of advice and thanks for sharing your Mom's story.
  • Trinity, thank you so much for sharing your mum's story.  Truly inspiring!

  • Yes, thank you Trinity for your story. I hope your mom is still doing well! You mentioned you supported her during her treatments, with supplements? Foods? I would be interested in finding out more for myself.