A reliable diagnostic test on the horizon....

I generally trust the Montreal Gazette for accuracy in its reporting so thought I would share an article that was brought to my attention today.  Exciting news for everyone woman not yet diagnosed with our disease....too late for us but so happy to hear we may be on cusp of something this important to enabling early stage diagnosis.



  • Thank you for sharing this @fearless.  It means our sisters, daughters, granddaughters and so on will likely have a much better chance of beating this disease....this is terrific news!  Hope you're having a great day.
  • Never give up Hope! 9 years ago I was given the dreadful news and that 70% do not live past 5 years. We did not know that a new drug, 5 yrs ago, would be available. So please never give up Hope, stay connected with Teal Sisters and I wish you all of the best!
  • Thank you for sharing this hopeful news-  we all are looking forward to the release of a early detection tool which we can recommend to family and friends. 
  • CountryLivingCountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Thank you for posting. It is so great to know research is happening with ovarian cancer. Look forward to hearing soon about better detections and better treatments.
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