High Grade Serous 3C

Diagnosed Sept 2019 with High Grade Serous Group 3 C. I have received 3 rounds chemotherapy, then cytoreductive surgery, then 3 more rounds. Also have had colostomy prior to first chemo. They are investigating as to whether I am a good candidate for reanastomosis. Just wondering if anyone out there is in this category. I am currently 7 weeks post final chemotherapy. I say final but I realize it is not the last chemotherapy in my future. I responded extremely well to the protocol. My CA 125 last week was 11 and path report was as good as it could be considering my diagnosis. 


  • @Cecile21, welcome to OVdialogue.  I am assuming you're  a fairly recent member?  If not, glad to see you reaching out to the community. There's a wealth of experience here to tap for sure.

    I am also High Grade Serous 3C (2017), although likely really 3A or B since they discovered metastasis to my colon that was expected didn't exist.  So while I had been prepped for a colostomy to occur as part of my surgery that didn't happen. Hopefully though you are a candidate for the reanastomosis.  Both my father and my husband had colon cancer. My dad in his 80's.  For him, the wait was a year before the reanastomosis could be done and even then, given some other medical conditions, he wasn't give much chance of surviving the surgery.  He still opted to have it done and was fine.  My husband, on the other hand, had the entire sigmoid removed and the colon resected simultaneously using, what was experimental then, laparoscopy.  And he's fine. So wishing you the best on that front.

    And congratulations on your most recent results. It does sound like your response to chemo was very positive and excellent to have that in your back pocket should more treatment be needed down the road. Good luck moving forward and hope you'll continue to reach out or share your experiences with this group.

    Big virtual hug..... 

  • Thank You @Fearless . I am somewhat apprehensive about the reanastomosis. Good to hear about your dad and husband. Also encouraging.

  • Welcome @Cecile21 - thank you for sharing your update. Hope you are feeling well now that you are done the chemo session. Hoping over time, there are other chat participants that will share their experiences about colostomy and reanastomosis.
  • Hi @Cecile21,  congratulations on completing treatment.  I hope that you get your anastomosis.  I did not have to have one with my  cancer surgery,.  Although that was the question that my gyne/oncologist asked me that if it  were necessary would I consent to it. I don't think I realized how serious it all was until after all the surgery and treatment was done.  So I will send all positivity your way so that it all goes well for you.
  • Thank you for your feedback. Actually my colostomy was done first on an emergency basis. That was how they found the tumour.
     Interesting to note that was Sept 2019.
    In May 2017  I had had a colonoscopy which was negative.
  • @Bluebird I just realized that I have to identify you so that you are aware of my reply above. Still finding my way around .
  • @Cecile21,that's perfectly ok..I have the same issues..I'm still trying to figure out this forum as well..or...I forget and I blame it on my chemo, menopause...(that's a whole other topic)  that is interesting about a negative colonoscopy..maybe you didnt have the cancer then..I  was told by my oncology team that my  ov cancer had probably started growing 6 to 12 months before I became symptomatic.  So quite a fast growing cancer.  Anyways...no matter how we all came about ov cancer..it sneaks up on you until its later stage or by happenstance it gets found when they are investigating  for something else.  It would be good if we had some early detection and screening it would make it easier maybe.
  • @Bluebird, I posted a new comment a few days ago about a new screening protocol almost ready to launch. Here's the Link to the Montreal Gazette article on it....https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/grant-will-help-muhc-researchers-move-cancer-test-to-clinical-trial-stage

  • @Cecile21..thanks for the information.  I wish we could have have had the screening , but how great will it be for future generations of women!!
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