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National Best Friends Day


Today is National Best Friends Day and we would like to celebrate the connections that women make with one another here in OVdialogue!

How would you describe the connections you’ve made on this site with other women?  Have you “met” someone that you like to communicate with that you now consider a “friend”?  It may be hard when everyone is using aliases to identify one another but perhaps that doesn’t really matter.  Have you ever met someone in OVdialogue that you have connected with outside of the community?

 If you want to highlight someone, don’t forget to use the @ symbol in front of their name so they will be tagged.  😊

 Perhaps you would just like to comment about what is like to have a place like OVdialogue where you can connect with other women in Canada with ovarian cancer.

 I have seen people following up with others about the results of tests, checking in with someone if they haven’t posted in a while and offering encouragement during tough times.  I am always inspired by this caring, support and sharing of information that I witness among the members of OVdialogue.

 Would you like to comment about what it is like for you?  We would love to hear from you!



  • Happy National Best Friends Day to everyone! OVDialogue is the perfect place to connect with other women who are sharing, or have shared, the same experiences regarding Ovarian Cancer. This forum was not available when I was diagnosed. Finding answers to my questions, or looking for someone to talk to was difficult. I have to thank Marilyn and OCC for creating OVDialogue to give everyone the much-needed support during diagnosis and treatment and life beyond Ovarian Cancer.
  • StephOCC
    Happy National Best Friends Day!  They are there in the good times, the rough times and everything in between.  They pick you up when you are feeling down, and lift you even higher when you are on top of the world!  We often forget to tell people, especially those closest to us, just how important they are to our lives!  Happy Best Friends Day everyone!!
  • Jackie
    Jackie Peer Support Vol

    Happy Best Friends Day everyone. I’ve been using OVdialogue for close to three years now and I’ve witnessed the strength and diversity of this community of women who have all been through so much in life. It has helped me a great deal on my journey to be able to communicate with other women who have gone through a similar diagnosis. I feel like Ovdialogue members have a unique bond and that we are able to help and encourage one another. I have one of the rarer types of ovarian cancer, endometrioid adenocarcinoma. I’ve been able to connect with a couple of other members who also have this kind of malignancy or who have both ovarian and uterine cancer.

  • Fearless_Moderator
    Happy Best Friends Day and thank you OCC for creating OVdialogue as a means for those of us so in need of connection with others who "get it".  While I often thought that nothing could replace the high touch of personal contact, the pandemic has gone a long way to showing us how valuable and effective electronic means of communication can be.  Our local survivor community has been a source of wonderful friendships since my diagnosis in 2017, but OVdialogue has allowed my network to expand far beyond my local community...great friends across Canada I will cherish forever.