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Greetings All - Pre-operative Questions


I’m grateful to be here. 

I’m interested in pre-operative questions I could ask my treating Gyno-Oncologist. Specific about the surgery and any surgical choices I might have that I should enquire about. 

I have two large (11cm and 6cm) undetermined masses on both ovaries. In a few weeks I’ll have removal surgery, pathology testing with staging and possibly biopsy samples while they are in there. 

I’m quite blind-sided as this only started after a medical visit for chronically sore lower abdomen 4 weeks ago. 

Otherwise I’m a healthy 45 year old, certainly not running marathons but, getting it done. 

While I’m grateful for the quick care, I was so shocked at my initial Gyno-Oncologist consultation, that my only big ask was: If I loose my ovaries will I grow a beard? Lol! Brilliant!

I’ll be having a follow up appointment next week and I want to be better informed with how this will affect me and questions regarding my personal choices and inputs about surgery that sometimes doctors don’t always think of. 

Anything you wish you’d asked when you had the chance??

I appreciate your consideration and wish you every health and happiness. -Katie


  • Hi Katie,
    Welcome to the site.  Yes, I can imagine that you were shocked to hear the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  I must admit I chuckled when you mentioned your first question.  Shock can turn our minds to mush in no time :)

    I suggest that you order our guide, By Your Side.  There is a chapter about treatment with a list of questions for your doctor.  You can order an e copy and hard copy online.  The ecopy will be sent right away followed by the hard copy.

  • Katie
    Thank you Marylin. That’s great. 

    I’ve ordered the guide.
  • Hi @Katie
    I also suggest you check out the category called treatment - you may find several discussions there that will provide some helpful information and preparing for surgery.

    If you use the @Katie before a name, then that person will receive a notice that someone has tagged them :).

  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi @Katie, sorry to have picked up your question so late. But we're also grateful to have you with us.  I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was equally blind-sided when I was diagnosed back in 2017. Primary tumour the size of a huge grapefruit on my right ovary and fortunately only a very small one on the left.  I still find it hard to understand how most of can walk around with, often, these huge masses inside of us unknowingly.  But that's the nature of this disease.

    By now, I assume you've either had or are having your surgery. Hopefully the literature MarilynOCC suggested was helpful. I thank every day that I stumbled on Ovarian Cancer Canada not long after my diagnosis.  I used their resources relentlessly to support my education on the subject of this disease. And through them have met some wonderful virtual friends.  I hope for the same for you as your journey moves forward.

    All the best and stay in touch with all of us...we'll be sending good wishes your way.

  • devanator
    edited June 2020
    Hi, @Katie entering into this journey is so personal but we get it... I've been fighting this damn disease and a bladder c in the middle of it all for 9 years and Winning, Stay strong, Ride the tide and YOU will find that YOU will come out a better person through it all. My Motto is cancer picked the Wrong Girl to Fight With.and my Teal Sisters help xo xo