Anyone have swelling in there legs three month after debulking surgery? 


  • Hello @Cid1 - sorry if you are having this issue.... is it new or has it been ongoing?
    Yes, it would best to consult with your medical team to rule out issues with circulation or blood clots...perhaps you have already; hoping you have your answers and are feeling ok.
  • HI Flowergirl, Thank so much for the acknowledgment of my post. I looked up massage therapy and this morning did a self message before my shower. Here in the office I have been quickly massaging behind my knees and it seems to be a bit better today. In the meantime I have an appointment with my GP to figure this out. What I recall the oncologist said she did not remove any lymph nodes during surgery but I did forget to request a copy of the surgical report. On Thursday will check with GP to see if she has a copy may shed some more answers. 
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