Question for an Expert

I do have a question for an expert, an immunologist if possible, my question: for those undergoing chemotherapy and living with a family member who is a front line worker, should separate living arrangements be made to protect the cancer patient from potential COVID19 exposure? 



  • Hi @BeamBlossom,  I'm not an expert, but I too have a family member who is a font line worker.  My daughter is a nurse working in ICU.  We don't live in the same home anymore, but she does come to visit me.  We don't hug; limit visits to bi-weekly; and maintain a 6 foot distance from each other.  However, my best friend in Nova Scotia also has cancer (not ovarian) and her husband is a doctor.  They are not living in separate quarters.  She had finished chemo a few months before Covid hit and is now engaged in a drug study.  Not sure if you're aware, but CBC News is doing a nightly series where they have medical experts, including immunologists, answer questions from the public.  Perhaps you could send your question in to them at:  [email protected]  Hope this helps.  Stay safe and Best Wishes, M.