On this special day I send you positive energies during this confinement.

I was curious to know what were you're symptoms before and during your treatment ?? Was ascites very common for any of you??

Thank you 


  • Hi Beaaaxz.  I had pleural effusion before treatment, as well as  ascites in the abdominal cavity.  The pleural effusion, where the ascites accumulates in the cavity around the lungs was very tiring. I found it difficult to stand or walk for more than a few minutes.    It interfered with breathing, and I was admitted to the hospital for nine days because as the ER doctor told me, I wasn't getting enough oxygen in my blood to maintain my vital organs.  They put a drain in my back to remove the liquid.  At the same time I also had ascites in my abdomen which was uncomfortable, and I could only sleep on my back.  My belly swelled up and i looked pregnant.
    After nine days, I was discharged - and I had received confirmation that the debulking surgery was planned for the following month at a different hospital.  However when I went there for the pre-admission process, they saw that the pleural effusion had come back so I admitted early for the surgery and spent another 9 days in hospital.  They again placed a drain in my back.  But, once I had the surgery and the tumour was removed, the situation resolved itself.  I also lost a lot of weight. 

    Generally there was discomfort and the drains at times were painful.  It was difficult to function with the pleural effusion, it made me weak and very tired.

  • @tigerlily thank you for the information !! My mom has ascite in her stomach that makes her alos seem pregnant. I guess because the tumor takes a lot of space it must block our natural bodily fluid from passing... I hope everything is better for you today :) She got drained 3 days ago and I can already see it growing back.. :/ 
  • I am doing very well now.  Once the tumor was removed, the ascites rapidly diminished  I hope your mom feels better after being drained.  Maybe the chemo will also help reduce the ascites. 
    Wishing you and your mom the very best :)
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Hello @tigerlily and @beaaaxz ... yes, hoping the chemo assists with the reduction of the ascities. Hoping the medical team can provide some relief and direction for your mom @beaaaxz  
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