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My mother just had her first chemotherapy and her body did not react well to TAXOL so she had to receive only 
Carboplatin for now.... has anyone gone through this ??

Thank u


  • Hi...i am not sure what went wrong with your mum but it is relatively common to have a reaction to taxol. It is usually due to the solvent ( cremophor) that it is made up in. ISometimes with premedication they can still use the drug. I had 2 major reactions to paclitaxel ( taxol) and it was eventually substituted with nabpaclitaxel. Sometimes they will substitute a different drug all together. Its important to have doublet (2 drug) treatment so I expect her oncologist will offer an alternative. Dont be afraid to ask questions.

  • @roscoe thank u so much for taking the time to answer. Taxol was given to her yesterday ( her FIRST chemo treatment) and it despaired her a bit, BUT I told her that she must of not been the only patient to have gone through this experience.

    I truly appreciate your time to answer, and I send you positive energy in order to fight this battle   <3
  • Hi again. The reaction is scarey but hang in there. There are solutions. I look back at it now as “ how i learned to trust the chemo nurses”...they certainly were great at looking after me, and after that they remembered me when I came in. 😳...funny feeling to know that your problem livened up someones day...😱😊
  • @roscoe I congratulate you on your victory :) the news for my family came so unexpectedly. And especially right now with the covid-19 situation, my mom has to be alone any time she goes to the hospital... getting testimonies reassures me because it reminds me that strong women have gone through this, and are proudly sharing their knowledge and experience here. 
  • Hi @beaaaxz  Yes, as @roscoe said, some women do react to Taxol.  It can be scary but the health care providers do know how to handle it and will look for different ways to address it. And, yes, the situation with COVID which means that your mom has go on her own doesn't help - for her or for you, as you are so concerned for her. 

    We have some resources that you may find helpful for both of you.
    1. First of all, we have regional directors across Canada who are available to talk to you by phone or email to answer questions or just to talk about all that is happening for you right now.  Here is the link to their contact info so you can contact the appropriate person depending on where you live in Canada:

    2. By Your Side is a free guide about ovarian cancer that you can order on our website. It includes information about the disease, treatment, support etc.  We can send you an electronic copy right away and a hard copy when we are back in the office.  (All the Ovarian Cancer Canada staff are currently working from home).  Here is the link:

    3. There are a lot of discussions on this site about treatment and living with ovarian cancer that you may find helpful and realize that your mom's situation is not uncommon.  There are other women who have gone through similar things - it doesn't necessarily mean that it is easy but it can be comforting to know that you (and your mom) are not alone.

    How is your mom and the rest of the family dealing with all this?  Are the two of you able to talk about it?  Sometimes its harder for family member(s) to cope with the situation and the diagnosis than for the person who has been diagnosed.  Is that the case for you?