Greetings to all you beautiful and strong women,
I write to you as a child who is worried about her mother who has been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer last week. I have been doing numerous research without looking too far at what to expect from this cancer, as well as how to cope with it. On this OVdialogue, I am looking for testimonies of , or suggestions related to your experience with the diagnosis , the treatment (chemo) , etc. 

Hopefully for my mother, she is already beginning her chemo this Friday, a week later after her initial diagnos. However, she has recently developed an nodule under her left boob that has been making her cough from time to time.. the cough is not sever, however I am afraid it can lead to an metastasis...The tumor found in her ovaries is 15 cm long 7 cm large....

I tHank you so much for your time


  • Sorry to hear that your mom has been diagnosed of having ovarian cancer. I found out i had the same problem as your mom dated back in March. I just started my chemo two weeks ago. I received the electronic copy By Your Side which is very helpful to start with.  I pray for those I met and I know in different settings. You and your mom will be remembered.                
  • @lavender
     thank you for your words <3 I send you a lot of energy and positive thoughts on your side <3 Hopefully, my mom starts tomorrow so we will know soon if the treatment is effective or not... :) Feedl free to contact me if you ever. need someone to chat with !
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Hello @beaaaxz... sorry you and your mom are dealing with this disease. Yes, there is lots of support and comments on this site. If you click on the categories to the right, you will be able to view previous posts.
    Many women have shared their introductions and conditions/treatments there.
    You may also find some helpful information on the main webpage
  • Hi Beaaaxz, 
    Thank you for sending your positive energy and thoughts and your kind offer to chat with me. Hope your mom’s first chemo went well that she would settle with minimum side effect. I am surprised I have had little side effect. I believe the complimentary herbal treatment has helped so as many prayers behind. My hair started to thin after two weeks. Your mom might experience it too. 
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