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I am new

I was diagnosed having ovarian cancer with ovarian clear cell carcinoma in right ovary and microscopic deposit in uterine in the midst of March, 2020. No spread out to 26 lymph nodes tested under microscope. I was told to have a prevention chemo that started last week. There has been no obvious side effect experienced in the last ten days. Just wonder how I could know its effectiveness or resistance to it.    


  • Hello @lavender, welcome to the site; sorry to hear you are recently dealing with this cancer
    that is good you are dealing well with the side effects.
    Did your medical team provide you with a treatment plan or the process for you?
  • No. I was told by the gyne oncologist  that I should go for 6 sessions of chemo. If I have any problem related to chemo, I could call the nursing line for help.        
  • Hello again @lavender.... sorry that they have perhaps not given you a plan or details - sometimes it may be a wait and see approach. Every person, situation, doctor team,  province can be different.

    Do you know if they would have blood work taken from you prior to each round? Would they do CT scans (perhaps at 3 months of starting the chemo?) and /or have they scheduled you for followup visits? I would encourage you to ask lots of questions to get the answers you need to feel comfortable with all this. How and when are they monitoring your situation?
    I hope you can get the support you need. Perhaps a nurse practitioner or other support from your cancer centre can direct you.
  • Keep asking questions to the medical team is a good strategy to deal with my unclear treatment plan, particular the follow up. 
    I have to do the blood test before each chemo takes place. I have no idea if there will be any CT scan done in future follow up. I sure could compare my follow up plan with what I learn from the e copy of By Your side. 
    Thank you for taking time to advise. 
  • You are welcome @lavender - yes it is good to refer to the book and chat with others; all that will help you ask the questions for your situation when you speak with your medical team.
    Hope you are managing ok this week!
  • I am doing great so far except some sadness to significant hair loss. I put on a tailor made hat to comfort myself. I will have my second chemo this Thursday. I am grateful that I learnt from the.copy of By Your Side I should drink a lot of water the day before it. Very valuable tip.