Length of time on Lynparza (Olaparib).

Anyone on lynparza longer than 2 years. Anyone brca neg on lynparza. 


  • Hello @Laurie - hope you are managing well.
    I can only offer that I was on Olaparib for about 8 months - and am BRCA negative.
    Hoping others can post their experiences. 
  • I've been on Lynparza now for two months, starting month three this week.  I am BRCA1 positive.  My dosage needs to be slightly reduced for month 3 as my platelets aren't holding up too well....otherwise no side effects for which I am grateful!
  • Hi.
    I am quite new to this site and hope that I can find advice/support through everyone...   
    Since September my life has been somewhat of a merry-go-round...  I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer  and more recently the BRCA2 gene.  And now I am about to start this new drug Lynparza after having had 1 round of Chemo.  I am a bit nervous but at the same time hopeful as it is a relatively new drug.  
    If anyone else has thoughts on this drug I would be interested.
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Hello @KiwiChick... welcome and you will find so much support here.
    I hope this message finds you doing well and getting the answers you need at this challenging time!

    If you require a copy of the resource guide - By Your Side - you can order it here:

    Yes, ask lots of question from your medical team. 
    You can also search in the top right - search bar - for topics under Lynparza or Olaparib. There are many on this site that have taken it /are on it currently / or participated in trials, etc.
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