How is COVID 19 impacting you?

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Well - schools, stores and businesses are shutting down.  Even border crossings are being reduced or stopped.  I’m now working from home, as are all staff at Ovarian Cancer Canada, and, I’m prepared to stay indoors (except for short walks outside) for the next while.  We are living in strange and difficult times. At least on OVdialogue we don’t have to worry about social distancing and it gives us the opportunity to still connect socially.
What are the repercussions of COVID 19 that you are facing and how are you coping? Do you have specific challenges?  How are you staying connected with others?
We can be here for each other as we all try to navigate what is happening in our world and it's impact on us.
How are you doing? 


  • Thank you @Marilyn for starting this topic.
    Yes, so grateful for this forum and the current technologies to keep us all linked together while physically apart.
    I'm sure there are many adjustments needing to be made for all of us in order to cope.

    Self- isolation program / coping is not new for many of us having dealt with a diagnosis / surgery/ treatment or a compromised immune system at some time. It is getting others to understand that can be a major issue.

    For myself, at the start of all of this, my personal challenges were trying to get family and friends to comprehend the seriousness (that I wasn't making this up) and threats to my health. I believe many are now understanding since all of the public health announcements, closures, restrictions, job loses, society and life changes and the stats, etc. are in the news. Everyone must remember: No one is immune. 

    I hope you are all managing as well as can be... do you have any coping techniques to share?
  • Well, I just heard from my oncologist to expect chemo treatment to be halted after 3 of 6 cycles due to hospital staff shortages. In self-pitying moods I'm feeling expendable because of my poor long-term prognosis (stage 3C).

    The argument was that the chemo is just an adjunct to surgery--which makes little sense. Should this decision be finalized I will start an appeal, but did not expect to be fighting the hospital as well as the cancer.
  • I am sorry to hear that @sdwway.. I also find this hard to understand.
    So, it is because of the COVID-19 hospital staff shortages, staff moving around to different assignments or just not enough in oncology? I am not certain your location city/province... is there an option to have treatment at another cancer location within your city?
    Is this coming from just the oncologist, and/or the treatment centre or by the provincial medical direction? So frustrating.
    You are right to appeal and get some answers.
    How are you feeling otherwise? Please let us know your situation when you can.
  • I'm in Windsor and am willing to travel to any part of Ontario, but any hospital not hit as hard by the virus is not likely to have much extra capacity to begin with.

    This came from my Oncologist, who I believe is carrying out the directives of the The Ontario Health/Cancer Care Ontario Pandemic Planning Clinical Guideline for Patients with Cancer. It's a very vague document and based on behavior of H1N1, so one concern is that the "few weeks' delay" mentioned is unrealistic. Then hospitals have to tackle a waiting list of delayed cases in addition to the usual new cases, with no extra resources, so I don't know how that will happen. 

    I feel physically fine, though, thanks! Sometimes I think I could beat the odds after all, but this planning document was gutting. 
  • Hi again,
    You are right - capacity will be impacted at some point.
    Yes, seems like the directives may be ever changing and it is frustrating that they vary by province... 
    I'm curious, wondering if they shared with you, the priority status (A, B or C)  and how that was determined 
    (potential for better outcome adversely affected by delay in treatment, etc)

    I'm glad you are feeling ok - hope that makes it a bit easier to get through your day.

  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Are there any recent challenges you have been facing? 
    How are you all managing with the virus issue so far?
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