Health and Wellness Apps

Has anyone tried health and wellness apps and how do they help you?

Big White Wall is for mental health support - looks like it is free in Ontario
Stop, Breath & Think is another for emotional activities and guided meditations

QSun is suppose to track your UVrays exposure

I welcome your thoughts and experiences


  • @Flowergirl One wellness app I really like is Insight Timer. It has tons of free meditations, organized in length and for specific issues (stress, anxiety, sleep, etc.). I find the yoga nidra meditations are incredibly helpful if you are having troubles getting to sleep.
  • Thank you for the wellness apps. I will look into them and hopefully they will be beneficial.
  • hello- just read an article yesterday how data is being collected by the owner of the app - adding this as a FYI only since personal choice is still live and well and the apps weren't named - if concerned ,check to see if there are security settings that you may want to set for your personal protection
  • Hi @flowergirl and @walkabout.  I thought I'd mention a health and wellness website that I've long shared with clients:  is a veritable treasure trove of supports and resources one can access resources in the form of CD's, downloads, mp3's or whatever form you choose, such that concerns about app owners collecting data are rendered moot. I first learned of this website back in grad school and it has grown a lot since then. There are resources available for specific concerns such as sleep, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, coping with cancer, etc.  or just for general relaxation.  Very much worth checking out.  I should mention that I have no affiliation with the site (wish I did!)

    Anyway, thank you for mentioning the QSun app @flowergirl.  I've never heard of it, but being a redhead and my Dad having had several skin cancers removed, I'm going to try it!  One app I like and use is Calm Sleep. It's free and you can choose either music or stories to drift off to...very peaceful.  I particularly like the stories.  Best to all, M

  • that is interesting @maggiemae
    Yes, we need to check out all the resources we can to find what helps us through
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