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Avastin: Maximum 22 Cycles

Has anyone completed all 22 cycles of Avastin? Does it get harder to tolerate the more cycles you receive? At which point did it stop working for you? How long after treatment stopped did the cancer return? Apologies for so many questions. I'm HGSOC 3c.


  • Hello @danidelbiondo - sorry, I have not had Avastin yet... I am hoping others who have had some experience with this drug will be able to post and offer you their support. 
    How are you feeling now that you have completed that session and has the medical team provided to you a follow-up / transition appointment or care plan?
  • I am on cycle 20. We hope to continue for as long as it works. I am taking it for my recurrence. The side effects that have gotten stronger are due to the taxol I am taking with it. The avastin is pretty much a walk in the park. 
  • I am currently in a clinical trial, receiving the avastin and taxol combo. I wasn’t aware that there was a maximum of 22 cycles. 
  • Hi Happy, I just discovered in Ontario, we are only funded for 17 treatments. Perhaps I'll be permitted more when I have a recurrence.
    I completed my 17 cycle on April 23. Now it's labs, Dr, and CT scans every 90 days.
  • Happy your clinical trial sounds very interesting. I had my first 6 cycles of taxol, carboplatinum  and Avastin for the last five. Not in a trial setting. I then went on to receive 12 treatments of Avastin as maintenance therapy.
  • I had Avastin with the last 5 of 10 chemo’s as a booster because the chemo wasn’t shrinking my cancer much.  I just had my 2nd Avastin maintenance infusion on June 4th and it is to keep my cancer steady.  My side effects so far are similar to my what I had from chemo but the restless legs and feet are definitely worse.  
  • Hi @Donnybrook..I know I'm into this a little late..but I had a total of 17 treatments of Avastin..I had side effects from this shoulders and hips ached.even just to turn over in bed would wake me up with pain...I found exercising seemed to help.within 2 or 3 months of me finishing treatment the aches and pain went away...its like I was never on the know there is an end to it.....
  • Hi @Donnybrook, @donidelbiondo in alberta we can have only 17 treatments of Avastin unless its changed...I had it as maintenance treatment after my chemo...its been almost 2 years since my last chemo and a year since my last to me my side all good.
  • Thanks very much for the feedback @Bluebird!  It is nice to know about other people's experiences and I am definitely having the aches and pains, lower back, right hip etc. Trouble sleeping is a big one lately too.  Qijong helps sometimes but exercise is definitely helpful.  
  • I've been taking Zopiclone for sleeping and it works great but I really hope I can stop using it soon as the fewer drugs I can take the better.
  • @Donnybrook, I wished I would have know about Qijong when I was on treatment...I practice it now before I go to bed and it seems to relax me and I sleep well.  Sleep is so important going through all the treatment...I think it's our healing time for our mind and body..I think you need to do whatever helps and take the meds that let's you sleep!