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What does pain from pelvic dissemination feel like?

I feel like I’m having a recurrence and it’s going to be a bad one. As in, the kind where if they opened you up they’d see it’s just everywhere.

My appointment is on Tuesday, six weeks early, but I have been having pain, fatigue, breath hunger, sleeplessness, and digestive symptoms. 

What does it feel like when there are many small implantations? Is it sharp and painful when you palpate the little nodes?

Thanks for being there. 


  • Hi @Jule_P
    I’m sorry to hear you are having so many different things going. Unfortunately I can’t answer your specific question but good that you are seeing the doctor this week. I imagine that you are anxious about it. Is there someone going with you? 
  • How is your ca125. Hope they order a ct scan. I experience all those symptoms sometimes too. Nothing seems right in that abdominal.area anymore. updated
  • Thanks @Marilyn and @Laurie. CA 125 is up. They ordered a scan, but I’ll have my thyroid checked too. 
  • Hi @Jule_P. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the scan. What will you be doing over the holidays?
  • Flowergirl
    Hello again @Jule_P... sending support across the distance - hope you are as comfortable as can be with these symptoms and side effects 
  • Thanks @Flowergirl. I am doing well. All the best over the holidays. 
  • Julie p. Sorry to hear you are so unwell with abdominal pelvic discomfort. My diet was recently changed to a low fibre diet in an effort to avoid a bowel obstruction which seems to be likely, eventually.This helped with pelvic pain a great deal.Maybe something to investigate with your Dr 
  • Very good idea @danidelbiondo. Thanks for the tip! Not allowing myself to get overly fatigued helps too.