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Ovarian cancer Stage 3 C


Hi everyone,
I’m writing because I’m looking for any suggestions or input at all. I No my message is more like a story book So I’m not expecting everyone 
My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3C High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer.  

She had a hysterectomy and then started chemo a little before a month later Dec.4th\18 
Carboplatin and Paclitaxel used for treatment.
After this was completed she was not offered anything for mantience just to contact the Doctor if she felt any signs of pain or discomfort and so on. ( there was a trail with a placebo but the travel distance was about 5 hrs away from where she lives and the thought of getting a placebo she did refuse at the time)
Trial was 
 I feel her blood work should have been checked more after she was set free from her 6 treatments but I’m not going to Dwell on the past. We need to focus on what has happened now.
She had a reoccurrence 
3 spots noticed on CT scan I asked why she never had a PET scan and they say there is no need for one the CT scan is fine to focus on for now ? As we do not have a PET scan at our hospital available she would have to travel / be put on waiting list to get one ... but shouldn’t she be regardless getting one ? Makes me wonder !?
CT scan result 
7cm right side of abdomen lining abdomen peritoneum 
3 1/2 cm liver? I think

Lymph node by liver 3cm 

Offered Caelyx treatment nothing else with it as of right now ? 

I asked if she was carboplatin sensitive and the DR. didn’t give a definite answer but with most people that have reoccurrences within 6 months most people are told this from what I’m reading.

So basically I’m wondering what is everyone’s tonight’s on what she is offered with her reoccurrence and is there anything I should be trying to get with caelyx as a mantience treatment or what she should be really pushing for.