Community Connection: Ovarian Cancer Canada is looking for volunteers! Could you help?

OVdialogue – consider joining our team in the role of Peer Support Volunteer. Over a few hours each week, you would be part of a team that helps connect people, support conversations and are thought leaders for OVdialogue. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have/continue to support you through the tough times, share your unique experiences, and help celebrate successes. For more details of what this entails, please reach out to @Mfallis (


Hello,  I recently found this site and looking forward to hearing and sharing about our unique journeys.  I was diagnosed in October 2016 with High Grade Serous stage 3A ovarian cancer. I had all the front line treatment and had 3 cycles of chemo before surgery and then 18 weekly chemo.  CT scan showed ned for cancer. Went back to work but 10 months later I recurred with blocked bowels and had 6 cycles of chemo and again CT showed ned. Went back to work and 6 months later it recurred July 1 2019.  In September  finished 5 cycles of chemo but had to stop as my body was weak and my platelets and haemoglobin were very low. I feel very tired and lack energy,  my bones hurt and hope for a long break from chemo. Wish you all good health and stay positive. 


  • Welcome @prairiewind - we are  glad you found the site and hope you will find much support here.
    Thank you for sharing your story and hope this message finds you resting today.

  • Thank you @Flowergirl for your welcoming response.  I am glad to know that there is support and understanding from group members who have shown courage and strength to fight ovarian cancer.  I hope you are keeping well.  Warm regards