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Introduction and question about surgery please

  My name is Carol and  I live in Edmonton Ab.  After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May 2019  I have since completed 9 chemo cycles.  My ca 125 levels have steadily decreased from 900 to 120.  Recent ct shows nothing has spread but my dr says the surgeons decided no surgery - ever - for me as it would be risky??  He just sent me home and said every 3 mnths they will do  ct again and if levels start going up again then more chemo?  I don't understand why no surgery as I read that it is standard in treatment?  My liver, bladder lungs etc are fine and  I am/was a healthy 62 yr old?  I feel like he just gave up and sent me home to wait it out.    Does anyone understand this kind of treatment?
Thank you all for being here and hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving!  :)  


  • @turtles2 Have you considered a second opinion? Every patient is unique and my experience with frontline treatment protocol here (I'm in Ontario) is a debunking surgery followed by 6 cycles chemo (or in some cases 3 chemo, surgery, 3 chemo). There may be a reason why your doctor is opting out of surgery. I'd ask him to clarify and explain risks. All surgeries carry some risk. I know that when I reoccured, a second surgery was not an option for me because of the location of my new tumour and the healing time required. Dr. and Patient trust is key to proper treatment. I would suggest speaking with him again or seeking another opinion, if you do not feel you are getting the best treatment for you. 
  • adfab  Hi and thank you for your reply.  I have thought of a second opinion as well.  I was very surprised and a little upset when we saw him and I did not think of things to ask him until later ( I already had my bag packed for the hospital )  I guess I should try to see him first before a second opinion?  Also sorry, it was 6  cycles not 9 like I said.  What about drugs to slow down spread?  I have been reading so much about Lynparza/avastin pills but he gave me nothing.  He just shook his head when I mentioned meds.  He did say if things got bad after initial  surgery it would not be an option to do another, but at least one is better than none?  Thank you again for listening to my rant lol  and I am wishing you all the very best.
  • @turtles2 It can be overwhelming at times to think about all the questions to ask during the visit. I always make a list of questions for my next visit as they come up in the time between. I have been taking Lynparza and at first my CA125 was dropping. On my last visit it had gone up a bit and it could indicate a reoccurrence but I won't know for sure until my next set of tests.I know Avastin and Lynparza are both given as maintenance drugs but I don't know exactly what criteria they use to assess whether it is an option for you. Again, I would press your doctor on this. You have to advocate for your health. Best of luck with everything and I hope you get some answers and clarity on your treatment options.