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Feeling worried

Just had my visit to the oncologist today. To recap, I was diagnosed last September with Stage 4 serous ovarian cancer. My C125 marker at that time was 25,000. With chemo, it went down to 20-something. Started maintenance infusions every three weeks (bevacizamab) back in January, finished chemo sometime in March or April. Continuing the beva maintenance treatment. My C125 marker has gradually been creeping back up; today over 2,000. Being sent for a CT scan of my head as I have no other signs or symptoms and previous abdominal CTs showed no new activity. The cancer in my ovary had already moved to my liver by the time I was diagnosed and is in my abdomen so no surgery was done; no biopsy at the time either. Concern is the cancer might be becoming active elsewhere. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the C125 creeping up and what that means. I am feeling so good (normal!) and am not experiencing any side effects from the beva (unless my increased arthritis pain is related.) Just looking for some feedback from others who have been done this path.


  • Flowergirl
    hello again @Shortone - glad to hear you are feeling otherwise ok and good they are looking after you to determine what is next.... hoping someone with similar elevated CA125 can share their experiences..
  • Hi @Shortone, I'm Stage 3C serous ovarian cancer. I had my cancer move to my liver on my first reoccurrence and I too did not have a surgery or biopsy (as my tumour was in a location to risky for either). On my first reoccurrence my CA125 jumped up quickly (doubling and tripling in weeks). Now its is climbing again but creeping back up. I'm on Lynparza for maintenance so the drug may be slowing it down. A CT shows possible reoccurrence but they will have to confirm with another CT next month. I have never been on Avastin but had zero side effects with Lynparza. I have been asymptomatic since my diagnosis in 2017, so I can never tell if my cancer is back or not. I feel 'normal' too. CA 125 is only a marker and not reflective of tumour size or reoccurrence (only a CT scan can confirm). I have a friend whose CA125 is always within normal range (never over 30) even when she reoccured. Everyone is different. Try not to worry about it until you have your scan results (easy to say, hard to do) because the only way anything can be confirmed is through a CT scan. I have tried to play the 'guessing game' with my CA125 every time I go for bloodwork and am wrong every time. Hang in there. Stay strong :smile: