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Cancer in lymph nodes

I am writing this on behalf of my good friend who currently does not have internet access. She is stage 3c high grade serous. She is BRCA wild/negative. She is platinum resistant and her last recurrence she did calyx. She completed her treatment and her last ct scan showed she now has cancer in some of her pelvic lymph nodes and one lymph node in her neck. The Oncologist gave her one year and said there is no more treatment they can do and has referred her to a Clinical Trial Oncologist. We share the same Oncologist and unfortunately he has no bedside manners and never provides any hope. Is what he is saying true? Has anyone been in this situation and did additional treatment of some kind that worked? Any advice to pass on to her would be appreciated, especially if it’s hopeful and positive. Thank you!


  • Flowergirl
    Hello again @MariaV - hope you are doing well.
    thank you for posting on behalf of your friend - glad she has some supports, and yes we all can grab onto hope... and that may look different for everyone. The most important part I believe is to be sure that your are comfortable with your providers and the plan. Each one of us is different (and stats are just stats!)
    Here is hoping that she qualifies for a trial and can get some treatment. So, without knowing the whole situation, wondering if they tried the other drug combinations... there are several and is it a team of DRs that consult or just one?

    A helpful resource is also the Still by your Side guide... you can order it here: