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Lynparza funding in Sask

Hi there.

My oncologist just prescribed Lynparza for me on Sept 18, 2019 (last chemo was Sept 19, 2019).  I am BRCA2+.  I am wondering if there is anyone from Saskatchewan that has had Lynparza approved for funding for them recently.  Neither mine nor my husband's insurance covers it.

Thanks in advance ☺


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @MamaJacks - welcome to the chat site. 
    Not certain if you have gone this route or not however here is the info from a previous post from @Marilyn ;

    To gain access to Lynparza, the drug needs to be prescribed by your doctor. The physician or you, as the patient, would then need to contact AstraZeneca’s Patient Assistance Program for information on financial coverage, including coordination of coverage at 1-877-280-6208.  Your doctor should have all this information and know how to go about it.

    To view the rest of the topics on Lynparza/Olaparib in the search bar on the top right above the new discussion tab. 
    You are also welcome to post you story on your bio page or in the Let's get started topic.

    To find information on trials, you can start here:
    And yes, trials can be a tricky issue-a discussion with your DR team to see what is available and what may or may not be right for your situation/condition/course of action/treatment
    Wishing you the best and do be vocal with your Dr team about options and what is best for you.

    I'll also private message you.
  • I thought they were covering it now for brca girls.
  • @Flowergirl thanks.  I was just wondering other experiences in Sask with coverage.  I couldn't really find anything from ladies in SK so thought I'd ask.

    @Laurie I will find out after my scan when the cancer agency pharmacy sends in the paperwork.  My scan is on the 7th
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @MamaJacks and @Laurie... yes, I can check into it further for you.
    You can also connect with Stephanie as she is a great resource.
    My understanding is although it is approved for BRCA positive in Canada, it seems Manitoba and Saskatchewan still do not have it on / covered thru their provincial formularies....
  • Flowergirl

    Here is her info @MamaJacks
    Stephanie Gosselin, Regional Director - Ovarian Cancer Canada
    P.O. Box 686
    Shellbrook, SK, S0J 2E0

    Toll free: 1-877-413-7970 Ext. 351
    Local: 639-397-0163 Ext. 351
    Fax: 639-397-0163