Small cell carcinoma ovarian cancer.. looking for hope.

Recently diagnosed and being treated for small cell carcinoma ovarian cancer, hypercalcemic type. Wondering if there’s anyone out there that has had or know of anyone who has had this disease? Looking for some hope. Thank you. 


  • Hello Kelsyp

    There is always hope.  This site is filled with hope.  You will find inspiration and information throughout this site.  Although I do not have the same diagnosis as yourself, our fear, questions, concerns, and quest for knowledge and information are similar.   You can message me if you like. 

    Know you are amongst a team of hopeful fighters!
  • Hello @kelseyp - sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and we are glad you found this site. Perhaps another participant can share her experience with small cell type. 
    As @SLM has noted, there is alot of valuable information here on how to cope and get support. We are here for you.

    Wonder if @Marilyn - Do you have some resources at OCC on this type of condition? I'm not finding much about it in the OCC guide. Hoping you can forward something to @kelseyp