Hi I am 52 years old, diagnosed with stage 3/4 , BRCA negative, serous carcinoma in March 2019. Received 6 chemo, 3 pre and 3 post surgery( debulking). Last chemo was done 2 weeks ago and recent CT scan showed no sign for cancer. My medical oncologist told me today that there is chemo break now and we will wait for recurrence. He said recurrence will happen for sure because of high grade but he don’t know when . It could be 2 months or could be 2 years. Is recurrence is a must for high grades? Anyone who has similar type cancer and has no recurrence for more than 2 years. Is prognosis is always poor? 


  • I had recurrence after 4 years. Im currently on lynparza. Im brca neg. Is lynparza an option for you
  • Hello @balbab68.. thank you for joining the chat and telling your story. Yes, it is hard to wrap your mind around the chemo break. Seems recurrence is so different for everyone. I hope you get the support and answers you need to move forward especially if you are feeling ok and are having this treatment break. 
    Others have shared similar stories and you can find them by entering the topics (like recurrence) in the search bar at the top right of the screen. 
  • Thanks Laurie and Flowergirl for your inputs. So probably I just need to monitor myself. Any kind of advice what I should be doing while I disease free. Thanks
  • Hello @balbab68.. again, so glad to hear you are done the treatment... hoping you can find your way through this no evidence of disease time....Some of the cancer centres offer a moving forward after cancer treatment seminar or session.... Also, look for the book and presentation is sometimes offered:  

    Picking Up the Pieces: Moving Forward after Surviving Cancer Paperback – 2007 by Magee, Sherri; Scalzo, Kathy (Author)

    Many have found it is very helpful and hopeful... Your cancer centre may also offer a transition appointment - helping you understand where you are now and what to monitor for your personal condition... my suggestion is also to find your own peace project (anything that brings you joy) and just dance, or do what makes your heart sing! 
  • I was diagnosed ovarian cancer stage 3C in March 2012. Received 6 chemo ( carboplatin-taxol-avastin), 3 pre and 3 post surgery. I am NED since the end of the treatment, in December 2012. Stay positive and thanking the life to be here. I wish you the best !!
  • Hello @gratefulheart - thank you for joining the chat and posting your story - glad to hear you are doing well.
  • I was diagnosed 3B in May 2018, i had 3 chemo, surgery and 3 chemo and was in remission for 9 months.  I just started chemo again, another 6 rounds.  It seems harder this time, is that normal?  I am on the same drug mix as last time but I guess the effects I feel more this time around.
  • Hey @love2run, I found my second round of chemo (same drug) also harder. I initially thought it would be easier because the first time knocked me down and because psychologically it was a devil I knew. I had a 'been there, done that' attitude. Mentally, it was way better but physically I found it harder. Felt more of the effects. For me, I think it was toxicity, as I reoccurred in 7 months and hadn't fully got back to 100%. It takes a while for the treatment toxicity to leave the body. Hang in there!!! This too shall pass.
  • Thanks, always nice to know that I am normal, so to speak :).  I find I am more tired this time around but hopefully this will pass as well.  I have been walking on my treadmill to help get over the tiredness, at least I sleep better at night this way.  Are you finished your second round?
  • @love2run I finished my second round the end of May 2019 and have been stable for the past several months. I'm taking Lynparza for maintenance. June, July, August, and Sept my CA125 was stable (actually dropping a bit) but my latest bloodwork in showed a small increase in my CA125 (14 to 19) and I have another CA125 blood draw tomorrow to follow-up. I'm worried my CA125 may be climbing and I'm headed into another reoccurrence. A CT is scheduled for Nov to confirm. Til then, I'm just staying positive yet preparing myself for the prospect of chemo AGAIN. I feel good and have no symptoms so I continue to enjoy life as always.
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