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Testimonial request

Hello Sisters
I was diagnosed in Jan 2018
Debulking done March 3018
 Chemo (6 rounds) completed August 2018
Ileostomy closed Nov 2018
Feeling great now and check ups have been good. 
I have been asked to share my story at an upcoming event to raise awareness in my community. I am requesting any words of wisdom, hope,sisterhood, and quotes that I can share with others at this event later this month
Yours in wellness and sisterhood


  • Flowergirl
    Great to hear you are doing well Sharon, @battleoflife12018.
    Glad you are able to share with others about this disease. Hoping some participants will post some current messages.
    The encouragement and support category may provide some insight as well.

  • Thanks Flowergirl!
    I was looking for info on this site today. Will look again for the encouragement and support category.
  • @battleoflife12018
    I am so encouraged to hear your story, my mother just completed her debulking surgery 2 days ago with the installation of what they expect to be a temporary Ileostomy.  
    6 sessions of chemo are to follow before hopefully reversal of Ileostomy.

    Would love any advice regarding the recovery process - what you would recommend for the best healing possible :). We have an idea on food , but some tips based on your experience would be great. We feel a bit new to all of this and each step feels daunting but I am trying to stay strong to support my mum and dad as they go through this . 
  • Hello Christine 
    I am so pleased that my story has brought you and your family comfort. Your Mom’s experience is so similar. I am happy to share my experiences with you. I might be easier to chat on a messenger video
    Are you on Facebook?
  • Here are some Diet suggestions. 
    To thicken ostomy output. 
    Avoid caffeine.
    tapioca, rice, and potato chips help thicken output. 
    I lost a lot of weight with my ostomy and chemo, which led to stoma fitting issues, I may have some suggestions for that, hopefully that will not be an issue for your Mom. 
    Where is your Mom accessing treatment and surgery?
    I just got home from Yoga, and curled yesterday afternoon… there is hope
  • Thanks so much for sharing your advice, already such valuable information and things that I would never have thought of.

    I am indeed on Facebook. You can search Christine Yang or try this link :

    Thank you so much for your time and message. It’s really felt and much appreciated