Having radiation.

my original cancer was diagnosed July 2016 as stage 3C. Had complete hysterectomy and six rounds of chemo. Reoccurrence Jan. 2018 was entered into a trial study for Olaparib in May which worked for three months but the cancer showed growth on the 6 month CT scan. Back on chemo the end of December. After 6 rounds there was no growth but no shrinking either. Now because of this size and where the cancer is radiation is necessary.
Has anyone has experience with radiation and had positive results?


  • Hello @Teddybear - sorry to hear you are dealing with this again. Your story sounds a bit similar to mine.
    I have not had radiation so I am hoping others will comment and offer you some support.
  • Hello @Flowergirl - thank you for your reply. I am hoping that someone else has gone through radiation and has had positive results.