Any Maintenance Available after Frontline Chemo

Does anyone know of a maintenance treatment after frontline Chemo.  I am Stage 1C, High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer, and am also BRCA 1 Positive.   Ive asked my Oncologist about Lynparza, but apparently it's only prescribed after a recurrence.   Being that my cancer is Grade 3 (aggressive), I don't want to just sit around and wait for a recurrence that could spread quickly.  

Are there any options after Frontline, other than CA125 and imaging?  


  • Hi there - it's Beach girl.   That is a great question.  I am almost 3 years post chemo (Jan 2020) NED I was a stage 1C, High Grade Serous Carcinoma grade 3 as well.  Surgery and then 6 rounds of Chemo and Carboplatin.  If anyone knows the answer to this question please share.  If you ever want to chat by phone let me know … I hope your felling well - I will keep you in my prayers as I understand your concerns.      
  • Hello @collegal and @beachgirl -on this topic,  it really just depends. There are so many variables for everyone's situation and condition, pre and post treatment. Your DR / medical team should be able to have those discussions with you and present options based on what may be available and best for you. Ask about clinical trials also and know that things are always changing. 
  • @beachgirl  and @Flowergirl

    I seen my Oncologist this past week and proposed this question.  I specifically asked about doing Parb inhibitors after frontline for Stage 1C.  He said there is no recommended maintenance after Stage 1C, after first frontline treatment, but he was going to send out feelers to several of his Canadian contacts to see if they agreed.  He said there is no research to show that the newest Parbs (make breakthrough progress in advanced disease) are doing anything prevent a first recurrence.  He said medicines like Lynparza are specified for use in Stages 3 and 4 only.  

    At this point, monitoring my CA-125, and imagining are the best followup maintenance going forwards to me it seems.  I will definable let you ladies know if I received any further information once I hear back from him.  
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