How many recurrences has everyone had since being diagnosed?

I am stage 3c high grade serous, BRCA negative/Wild. Was diagnosed in November 2016. Finished first line chemo in May 2017. Was NED until I Had my first recurrence in June 2018. Looks like I am on my way to a 2nd recurrence in the next few months.

I was wondering if anyone else is having frequent recurrences like this. I feel like I will have a recurrence every year by the looks of it. Would love to go more than a year before it recurs again. Just wanted to know if anyone else who is late stage went through this at first and then got a break for more than a year.

thanks xo


  • My diagnosis was the same as your diagnosis.  January 2018; major surgery followed by intense chemo.  Remission until October 2018  It has recurred but is incurable, inoperable but manageable.  I took chemo from October until May 2019.  I'm on a break until September.  Hoping the break didn't let the disease spread too much more.
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