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How many recurrences has everyone had since being diagnosed?

I am stage 3c high grade serous, BRCA negative/Wild. Was diagnosed in November 2016. Finished first line chemo in May 2017. Was NED until I Had my first recurrence in June 2018. Looks like I am on my way to a 2nd recurrence in the next few months.

I was wondering if anyone else is having frequent recurrences like this. I feel like I will have a recurrence every year by the looks of it. Would love to go more than a year before it recurs again. Just wanted to know if anyone else who is late stage went through this at first and then got a break for more than a year.

thanks xo


  • ValP
    My diagnosis was the same as your diagnosis.  January 2018; major surgery followed by intense chemo.  Remission until October 2018  It has recurred but is incurable, inoperable but manageable.  I took chemo from October until May 2019.  I'm on a break until September.  Hoping the break didn't let the disease spread too much more.
  • Sorry Maria and ValP, I can relate to what you are struggling with as I was diagnosed in October 2016. After initial treatment which I finished in June 2017, I recurred  in May 2018 and I had a second recurrence in July 2019. I too really haven't had a long break from chemo.  Stay strong and sending you positive energy. 
  • Hi prairiewind, ValP, and MariaV. I was diagnosed stage 4 high grade serous epithelial in July 2011. Surg and chemo.  First recurrence in Brain started in 2015 but didn’t locate until Jan 2016. Surg and cyber knife radiation. Olaparib two years. Second recurrence in mid 2018. Chemo then no meds for a year. Think I’m headed into a third recurrence now. 
  • Hi @MariaV @ValP @prairiewind @Jule_P. Sounds like you are all going through similar things right now. It’s must be hard to be in and out of chemo on a regular basis.   How do you cope with this? Maybe you can share some tips?  Tomorrow night is a real time chat called Teal Tuesday. @Flowergirl hosts this chat. It is at 7:00pm Manitoba time - 8pm Eastern Tine etc. Maybe you could all chat?