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Pain Management

I am wondering if anyone has used pot for pain management. If so, how did you use it. I met with a resident oncologist yesterday who suggested I try baking with it. However, I am not looking to get super high or anything I just want a way to control the pain after chemo (the last two times I had pretty significant abdominal and bone pain). I don’t want to end up addicted to pain meds, however maybe pain meds aren’t as bad as I think they are? I just had T3 last time but they didn’t help at all. This time she prescribed hydromorphone. I’m just reading a lot in the papers about an opiate crisis which is scaring me, that’s why I thought of pot. Maybe someone has a recipe for baking that will help with pain but not get me really high. I tried smoking it last time and really coughed and choked, which is why she suggested baking with it but cautioned against using too much pot because it would make me really sick. 
If anyone has any advice, recipes or thoughts on pain management I’d love to hear them. I’m typically only in pain from day 3-8 after chemo, then I seem to turn a corner and feel better. 


  • Hi @laura50. I used cannabis edibles on days 4 to 6 after chemo (always were my worst days) and I found it helped me a lot. I am not fond of hydromorphone as I too worried about addiction. I made chocolate brownies myself and found that it helped me sleep, I had zero nausea and it work better to relieve my pain then the opiates I was being prescribed. I didn't smoke it cause it's not ideal for the lungs and I wasn't looking for a high as much as pain relief. Because edibles are metabolized by the liver, the effect is longer and more level. I recently started with CBD oil (with minimal no high at all) and it has been great. I have been reading up a lot on CBD and tumour shrinkage. Very interesting. I did consult my doctor and was okayed. Naturally, I wouldn't recommend foregoing any medical treatment or opt for homeopathic options instead but I have sought out alternative that have complimented traditional treatment and have encountered no issues. Feel free to message me, if you have any questions.