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Just found out a week what!


The last 7 days has been a fog.  I found out that I have cancer, but I can't even remember what kind it is.  A biopsy was taken of the lining of my uterus, so I presume that I have uterine cancer.  I had an IUD inserted a few months ago, to help with bleeding, but appears to not be effective.  I am 44.  When I saw my doctor, I wasn't expecting a diagnosis of cancer... infertility maybe, but not cancer.  All I know is that my doctor wants to aggressively attack the cancer and I am scheduled for a radical hysterectomy in 3 weeks time!  

Everything is such a blur... a flurry of perseverative bad thoughts!  I have tried to contact my doctor's office to ask questions and understand a little more about what is going on, but I can't get by the "gate keeper" admin assistant.  She is almost militant.  

I found this webpage and support on my own, and am navigating these waters independently.  Do you have any suggestions?  I am very concerned about the surgery and the recovery timeline.  I have also not been told about chemotherapy... should this be something I need to brace myself for? 

Looking for your support. 


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @SLM ... glad you have found this site and sorry for what you are going through.
    Your medical team or cancer centre should be able to support you in regards to at least preparing for the upcoming surgery. If not successful in connecting with the doctor, is it possible to get an appointment with a nurse practitioner to discuss your condition and review your medical records?
    While diagnosis and treatment for each person is unique,  there are similarities in treatments, side effects, etc. 
    There is a variety of topics for you to view on this site... use the search bar at the top to find a specific topic.
    I'll also private message you.. Hoping you are able to get the answers and support you need. You are welcome to join us Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST for live chat if you are up for it.