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New Diagnosis - What to ask / what to watch for ?


My MIL, who just turned 70 on July 2nd has been 'diagnosed' with stage 3 / 4a ovarian cancer. I say 'diagnosed' as we are still trying to nail down a firm diagnosis and treatment plan, and she is overseas in Trinidad and I am here in Ontario. It started with sudden bloating / back pain, she was hospitalized and drained - CTs scans are coming back with no tumours but confirmation of ascites and nodes. She is on tramacet (tramadol) for pain, but still in alot of pain - fatigue - no appetite.  

I'm looking for help on what to ask the Doctors as we proceed? What do I ask about treatment options, prognosis, main management? What am I not thinking of that I need to know about? 

Any advice at this early stage would be greatly appreciated! 


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Shadi16.. welcome to the chat site and sorry to hear of your mom in law's situation; hope her pain is under control. And sorry it is difficult for you being so far away. Is there a surgery or treatment plan yet? 
    May I suggest you also push for a MRI or perhaps PET scan as well as perhaps they are investigating or ruling out another condition (s). Also, depending on the type of CT she had, be sure to ask for transvaginal or pelvic ultrasound. You can also view the details on the home page as there is lots of information there:
    There are also some pre recorded webinars presented by professionals and they can be found here:
    Be sure to scroll down the page as there are many that may be of interest to you.
    Hoping you and your family get the support / answers you are looking for.
  • Hi
    Ovarian Cancer Canada has a guide called By Your Side that you may find helpful.  It is written for women in Canada so there may be some things that don't apply in Trinidad, but in terms of disease information and questions to ask the doctor, I think that would be universal.  Here is the link to order it online: