Diagnosis and treatment plan in progress ... what to ask?


My MIL, who just turned 70 on July 2nd has been 'diagnosed' with stage 3 / 4a ovarian cancer. I say 'diagnosed' as we are still trying to nail down a firm diagnosis and treatment plan, and she is overseas in Trinidad and I am here in Ontario. It started with sudden bloating / back pain, she was hospitalized and drained - CTs scans are coming back with no tumours but confirmation of ascites and nodes. She is on tramacet (tramadol) for pain, but still in alot of pain - fatigue - no appetite.  

I'm looking for help on what to ask the Doctors as we proceed? What do I ask about treatment options, prognosis, main management? What am I not thinking of that I need to know about? 

Any advice at this early stage would be greatly appreciated! 
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