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Fatique 17 months post chemo (Carbo and Taxol)

Hello Everyone,
Is there anyone else out there that is still so fatigued as I am 17 months post chemo?   Not working …. it is very frustrating - energy levels come and GO.
Big hugs and support to all of you - we are stronger than we think.   


  • @beachgirl, I'm now almost three years post-chemo and there are still times that I hit a brick wall and just have to lay down for a while. I'm carrying around some extra weight that does not help the situation. My goal for this summer is to be more active, get some of the weight off and hopefully that will help me sleep better and feel less fatigued. A friend who had chemo for ovarian cancer about ten years ago said that it took her about five years to feel completely normal again. Everyone is different, their bodies react differently and heal at different rates. I try to listen to my body and when it needs rest, I rest. It's frustrating, but I've come a long way in three years. So, hang in there! You are right - you ARE stronger than you think!

  • Congratulations on the 3 years keep going - sending you positive vibes.
    Awh - thank you for your response!  Somedays I feel like it is just me in my own little bubble that feels this way.  My Oncologist says you should not be this tired by now.  How frustrating to hear this.  I was starting to feel a tiny bit better the other day and then hit a big brick wall again so exhausted.  
    Just curious were you able to go back to work? 
  • I see you retired - good for you! 
  • @beachgirl - yes I retired in 2015 before the adventures started. My husband and I have just moved to an apartment and we are working on getting back into shape and losing some of the extra padding. We want to take it slow and do our walk first thing in the morning. Even so last Saturday morning I had to lay down for a nap around 11! Yikes!  Trying to be be consistent and we'll see how the body reacts after a month of regular activity. 
    Are you taking any supplements? Vitamins?  Getting enough sleep at night? Other stress factors? Maybe talk with your GP.
  • Thanks for your reply …. sounds like your looking after you.  Down sizing and walking - that's great.
    I found out yesterday I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Explains it all.  :)
  • @beachgirl , while that's not good news, it does help explain your fatigue and there is some degree of comfort in having the answer. Have you looked into any complimentary therapies yet? I have a friend in my local support group that has Fibromyalgia and she does get some relief with reiki massage.
  • Hello Kastoles ... I do hope your doing ok.  (very healthy) Its been a while,  I am back to work full time after almost 6 years.  
     I have full energy now . It took a long time to recover.  My dr. is so intelligent.  She provided me with Amitriptyline to help with pain from fibromyalgia and she was so right.  It helps so much. I have so much empathy for anyone going through cancer.  Be well, for a vey long time.