Is anyone dealing with ovarian and uterine cancers - apparently two different types

This is only my second post to this website but I was just wondering if anyone else is dealing with two different types of cancers at the same time?  I was diagnosed with an endometroidal (sp?) cancer two months ago and then while doing a CT scan, it was discovered that my ovarian cancer has recurred in my peritoneum.  I am to have an IUD inserted to release progesterone plus I begin chemo for the ovarian cancer next week.  This is all a little overwhelming; however I am trying to stay positive as I know this makes the world of difference when fighting this disease.  


  • HaliGirlHaliGirl
    Hi Sistak, 

    I also had 2 primary cancers- endometrial (1B) and ovarian (1C). Diagnosed at the same time, and it really was a little overwhelming. My ovarian cancer was endometrioid and it turns out it's not uncommon for that to co-exist with  endometrial cancer. I hope your treatment is going well, and that you have been able to get some information from your care providers. 
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