What to do when Olaparib stops working.

[email protected], I was on a Olaparib study a year ago. Worked well for the first 3 months. The first CT scan revealed tumour shrinkage by half.
On the next scan 3 months later no change. The drug had stopped working. So I have just finished another 6 rounds of Carboplatin-Doxorubicin Liposomal. The first CT scan 3 months in revealed some shrinkage. I have my next scan today and the results will tell how I am going forward.
If the tumours are smaller, then 6 more rounds of the same chemo. If the tumours are stable then it will be a wait and see what happens ( I definitely do not like this approach ). If the tumours are growing again then I am looking for in drug study. The one I am focused on is Immunotherapy. Dr. Hirte at Juravinsky Cancer Hospital in Hamilton is my Oncologist and he has been involved with studies of this kind and it seems very promising. I think I will push for this rather than a wait and see what happens as I am asymtomatic.
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