ValP from Halifax, NS.  Diagnosed with Stage 3C High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer in Jan/2018.  Surgery to remove uterus, tubes, etc. as well as most of the omentum.  Had port inserted in the abdominal cavity.  Received 5/6 months of chemo treatments.  Followed by approx 5 months of remission.  The cancer came back and it is inoperable & incurable but manageable.  Have been receiving chemo treatments since Oct/2018.  The drugs I'm not receiving are Avastin & Pacalataxal (pls excuse spelling).  I am now due for a new CT Scan & then a Dr. visit at the NS Cancer Clinic.  The NS Cancer Clinic has been outstanding.  The care that I have received is amazing. 

I'm unhappy with the late diagnosis & with having read that 75% of Ovarian patients are not diagnosed until Stage 3 or 4 is unbearable.........why is this so?


  • Hello @ValP - a welcome to the site to you. Trying to clarify the above- are you still on those drugs or in chemo?
    Good to hear you are well taken care of. 

    Yes, here is hoping research can create an effective screen tool!
  • I am scheduled for one more chemo followed by a CT Scan.  After the scan I see the gyne oncologist to determine next steps. 
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