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  • @flory
    Hi. I may as well chime in too 😁. All of the suggestions are right on the money! For me, I did not plan anything for the week following treatment. That way, there was no pressure or stress of not feeling like doing something or having to cancel. It was my time to focus on me and work through my side effects. Sleep and rest are your friends…listen to your body. I also found that my stomach would get upset and I didn’t feel like eating anything. Me, being me, tried to wait it out for the first two cycles and it lasted for a couple of days. Then I decided to try the anti-nausea meds they provided as soon as I started to get that feeling and they worked within half an hour. The upset tummy was gone and I was able to eat. I only had to take one (sometimes two) tablet each cycle. Your side effects are unique to you. You will figure out the rhythm. I found documenting my side effects helped both as a reporting tool for my oncologist as well as a reminder of what and when to expect things in the following cycle. 

    Hope your chemo goes well today. Keep us posted on how you’re feeling and reach out if you have any more questions.  
  • Thank you @GloHo 😊 
  • Hi new to this site. My name is Deborah and found this resource in the Zejula drug pamphlet at the end of my treatment journey (so far). Wish I had known about it at the beginning after reading about alot of the issues I had struggled with. 
    Im happy to have this resource now and to have the support moving forward. 
  • Hi Deborah,
    Welcome to the group and congrats on being NED!

  • @Alexson Hello and welcome to the group.
    I am thankful you found us and saddened you did not have this group to help you through the beginning of your journey.  Sounds like you had some struggles.  Anything you want to share so perhaps ladies can learn from?  Where are you at in your journey currently?  How are you doing emotionally/mentally?
      Be sure to check out our Teal Thursday online chat. It is at 1pm ET.  Feel free to follow along or join in.  Also don't forget to sign up for the National Symposium and perhaps learn something new or find a new way to assist you in your journey.
      Is there anything specific currently that you want to chat about?  
      Let us know and we will help you the best we can. Again, thankful you found us and have reached out.
    Take care of you.

  • @Alexson welcome.  I am also new here and have found it to be a great help.  I have just started my journey and I’m learning something new almost everyday.  
  • Thanks @JoanEG.  How are things going with your journey?
  • @Strongwoman I am waiting for a call to start my chemo.  I had a rough day today.  I was very nauseous and then spent the afternoon vomiting.  Ugh.  I’m feeling a bit better tonight so hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  • Aww @JoanEG I am sorry that you are experiencing this.  It is very difficult when we vomit.  I would stick to liquids for a couple of days....broth/cup of soup, jello, Gatorade ( one is fine), Popsicles, ensure etc  Then introduce some semi-solids   If you can't tolerate semi solid then I would stick to the liquids.  I sure hope this subsides and you get that phone call soon.  You can always call next week if you haven't heard anything and see how long the wait may be.  
      Again, rest and crossing my fingers that it calms down and you feel better soon.
    Take care of you
  • @Strongwoman thank you.  I honestly knew very little about ovarian cancer before my diagnosis.  I never would have thought nausea and vomiting would be part of it.  I’m learning to make the most of the days I feel good and just take it easy when I don’t.  I appreciate your guidance.